QuickBooks is a high-tech accounting software that allows you to manage your books properly. To boost up the productivity, QuickBooks comes with a new feature called the Multi-Monitor mode. It basically allows you to use QuickBooks in multiple screens. This feature is available in the QuickBooks 2018 and later versions. In this article, we will be discussing about this multi-monitor mode and we will also provide you the procedure to use QuickBooks on multiple screens.

Fun Fact!

A study done by the University of Utah in 2008 found that the using a dual monitor configuration may increase the productivity up-to 44%.

Earlier, QuickBooks had only single screen option but now, it can easily be used over multiple screens and that too without any additional cost. Below is the example of how Multiple-Monitor Mode works:

Before you start using QuickBooks on multiple screens, you need to make sure the following things:

  • All the screen’s/monitor’s DPI level should be set at the default level (100%).
  • All the screens/monitors should be set at the same resolution.
  • Your monitors should be aligned horizontally from one monitor to the next.
  • Use the toggle button to move windows from one to another.

You can enable the Multi-Monitor feature, by going into View > Switch to Multi-monitor Mode.

QuickBooks Multi-Monitor Mode Limitations

The following are limitations when entering or using QuickBooks Multi-Monitor mode:

Limitations Details
Using Single View mode If you have the preference (From the main menu, go to the Edit > Preferences > Desktop View) set to Single View, the multiple screen mode will be disabled.
Anything other than 100% (default) DPI settings The Multi-Monitor mode will not work if the DPI font scaling is set to other than the default.
Third Party Multi-Monitor Programs Some 3rd party multi-monitor programs (such as Display-Link, Display-Fusion, etc.) are not compatible to work with QuickBooks Multi-Monitor mode. You need to use Windows native Multi-Monitor support for best results.
Tile/Cascade Windows Some of the functionalities like tile/cascade windows will not work while the Multi-Monitor mode is enabled.
Moving themain program window You can’t move the QuickBooks main program when you are in the Multi-Monitor mode. For this, you need to switch to the single monitor mode.
Monitors’ horizontal alignment If your monitors are not aligned horizontally, the Multi-Monitor mode will not work.
Hosted Environments If you use QuickBooks in a hosted environment like Right Networks or Summit Hosting, the Multi-Monitor feature will not work.

Common Issues With Multi-Monitor Mode

Dialogue boxes appear on the other monitor from the one I am working on.

Some dialogue boxes may not be visible on your screen. For example, if there is a home page on your right monitor, and you choose invoices, the Invoices page can show up on the left monitor. You just need to toggle it to the right-monitor again or move it manually.

Certain windows extend across into the other monitor.

While entering Multi-Monitor mode, you may see some windows span across into the next monitor. You just need to move that window to the where you want it and you can also maximize it to the screen or adjust the window length.

How many monitors does QuickBooks Desktop Multi-Monitor support?

QuickBooks Desktop Multi-Monitor Mode is compatible up to 3 monitors. If you have more than 4 monitors, you will get an option to choose 2 monitors to use QuickBooks in Multi-Monitor mode.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Desktop

Hopefully, you find this article helpful for you and you have now a complete idea about how to use QuickBooks in Multi-Monitor mode or multiple screens. However, we have already mentioned that there are some limitations and issues while working or setting up the Multi-Monitor Mode. If you still facing any issue while using QuickBooks in multiple screens, you can connect with our technical support department by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 to get instant support.

Use QuickBooks On Multiple Screens Or In Multi-Monitor Mode

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