Using the Check Detail Report or the Deposit Detail Report to display chosen transactions and other transactions linked with them, like an invoice along with its payment. The links between transactions are shown only by the Check Detail report and the Deposit Detail Report. These reports can be compared to a Cash Receipts Journals and a Cash Disbursements Journal.

Important: If you want to see the paid amount on your report, you can use the Check Detail Report. You can’t add the Paid Amount column in the Deposit Detail Report.
  • Go to the Check Detail and/or Deposit Detail Reports:
    • From the top, select Report and then Banking.
    • Choose your desired report.
  • Make changes in the Check Detail and/or Deposit Detail Report(s): Note: Both these reports have a basic but important difference: There is an additional column for the Paid Amount in the Check Detail Report.
    • Wait for the report to get open and then select Modify Report. (Mac users: select Filters.)
    • From the Modify Report window, navigate to the Filters
    • Select/Edit your filters to show the transaction type for which you wish to report:
Transaction Type Filter(s)
Credit Memos linked to Invoices
  • Accounts = All A/R and include split detail
  • Amount = Any
  • Transaction Type = Credit Memo
  • Detail Level = All
Payments linked toInvoices & Deposits
  • Accounts = All
  • Amount = Any
  • Transaction Type = Payment
  • Detail Level = All Except Summary
Invoices linked to Sales Orders
  • Accounts = All
  • Amount = Any
  • Transaction Type = Sales Order
  • Detail Level = Summary Only
Purchase Orders linked toBills, Credit Card Chargesand Checks
  • Accounts = All
  • Amount = Any
  • Transaction Type = Purchase Order
  • Detail Level = Summary Only
Bill Payments linked to Bills
  • Accounts = All Bank Accounts
  • Amount = Any
  • Transaction Type = Bill Payments
  • Detail Level = Summary Only
Components of Inventory Assembly Builds
  • Accounts = All
  • Amount = Any
  • Transaction Type = Build Assembly
  • Detail Level = Summary Only
  • Click on OK to save changes once the process is done and go back to the report.
  • (Optional) Memorize the report for future use.
    • From the top of the report, click on Report.
    • Provide a title to the report in the Memorize Report
    • To assign the report in a Memorized Report Group, put a checkmark on the Save in Memorized Report Group checkbox, then an existing Report Group from the drop-down.
    • Click on OK and you will now be able to access the saved report from Reports > Memorized Reports.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Desktop

The provided steps in this article should be helpful for you in using check or deposit reports to show transaction links. In case you couldn’t do so, it might be possible that the particular report is damaged or there can be some other issues as well. You need to resolve the issue by just dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1850-308-2863 and get your issues resolved.

Use Check Or Deposit Detail Reports To Show Transaction Links And Mimic Cash Receipt Report

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