QuickBooks comes with various reports that are efficient to fulfill all your business requirements. A QuickBooks report is a group of instructions that a program requires to show where your business stands. All the available reports can be accessed by going into the Reports menu.

This blog series covers all the basic information regarding reports in QuickBooks Desktop.

If you want any additional features for your reports then you can get in touch with our sales team by dialing our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1805-900-6410 toll-free.

How QuickBooks Generates Reports?

QuickBooks shows reports as per the set of instructions called Report Set. It is a set of instruction that extracts the information from the data file and displayed as a set of instruction lines. Report set tells you about which lines of which transactions are entered in the report.

Report set Includes the following things:

  • Hard-coded report structure in QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Part of this structure that is embedded
  • Default filters.
  • Display and Filter tab settings.

QuickBooks takes a record of individual transaction lines while building or creating a report. The line will be added to the report if it matches with the report set and then it will be added in the report. You need to know that every report reads a transaction in a different way that’s why the two reports are having different amounts for those you thought it will be same.

QuickBooks utilizes a concept known as Source and Targets for applying accounting principles and processes. Knowing well about Source and Targets will allow you to insert best Report Filters to create an effective and faster report.

  • Source is the summarized detail of a transaction that includes all source data such as source account, source name, source memo and source amount, etc.
  • Targets give you are detailed information of a transaction and it contains all target data (target accounts, target names, target memos, target amounts, etc.).
  • Pressing CTRL + Y pulls up the transaction journal report for any saved transaction in QuickBooks such as an invoice or a check. The very first line on the report displays source data and all other lines are target data.
  • Every transaction contains a fixed source data other than general journal entries because you are allowed to insert a line before the first line. This makes every line on the general journal entry recognizable by QuickBooks in the form of Target data.

Available Reports In QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks provides you a wide range of rated that gives you an idea about where your company or business stands. You get important information about your company with these reports. You can go through the table below to get details on every available group in QuickBooks Desktop Pro and Premier:

Report Groups Description Sample reports
Company and Financial Find out how your company is doing financially. Profit and Loss Standard, Profit and Loss Detail, Balance Sheet Standard, Balance Sheet Detail
Customers and Receivables Find out how much your customers owe and when it is due. A/R Aging Summary, A/R Aging Detail, Open Invoices
Sales Reports Find sales information related to customers, items, sales reps, pending sales, and sales orders. Sales by Customer Summary, Sales by Customer Detail
Jobs, Time and Mileage Find out how well your company is doing at estimating jobs, how much time is spent on each job, and the mileage expenses for each vehicle or job. Job Profitability Summary, Job Profitability Detail, Estimates by Job
Vendors and Payables Find out how much your company owes and how much is overdue. A/P Aging Summary, A/P Aging Detail, Vendor Balance Summary, Vendor Balance Detail, Unpaid Bills Detail
Purchase Reports* Find information about purchases and open purchase orders. Purchases by Vendor Summary, Purchases by Vendor Detail, Open Purchase Orders
Inventory Reports* Find information about inventory value, stock status, and pending builds, including a worksheet for checking your physical inventory. Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Valuation Detail
Employees and Payroll Find information about your employees, payroll, and payroll-related expenses. Payroll Summary, Payroll Item Detail, Workers Comp Summary
Banking Reports Find information about your banking transactions. Deposit Detail, Check Detail, Missing Checks, Reconciliation Discrepancy, Previous Reconciliation
Accountant and Taxes Find information related to accounting activities and income tax preparation. Trial Balance, General Ledger, Audit Trail Report
List Find lists of useful information about your company. Account Listing, Price Listing, Customer Phone List, Vendor Phone List, Terms Listing
Contractor Edition Reports** Custom-built for contractors with advanced job costing to help them analyze data on which job they are making more money. Job Cost by Vendor Summary, Cost to Complete by Job Summary, Unpaid Bills by Job,
Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition Reports** Customized tools for manufacturers and wholesalers to streamline workflow and manage finances more effectively. Sales by Rep Detail, Sales by Product, Open Sales Order by Customer
Non-Profit Edition Reports** Customized tools for Non-Profits to help them manage their organization’s finances more effectively, efficiently, and easily. Biggest Donors/Grants, Budget vs. Actual by Donors/Grants
Professional Services Edition Reports** Perfect for Consultants, Engineers, Architects, Attorneys, Designers, Ad Agencies, and more. Billed/Unbilled Hours by Person, Project Costs Detail, Project Status
Retail Edition Reports** Designed specifically to help retailers manage sales, inventory, and customer information. Profit and Loss Monthly Comparison, Sales Graph, Accounts Payable Graph

* Available when Purchase Order and Inventory features are enabled.
** Available in QuickBooks Desktop Premier only.

If you want a graphical presentation of how your business doing then follow the below mentioned steps:

  • From the Company menu, go to the Home Page > Insights tab. You can also check out various other reports as well such as Profit and Loss, Prev Year Income Comparison, Top Customers by Sales, etc.
  • These insights show the data according to accrual-based reporting. If you use cash basis then data may be different from your expected one.

Get Technical Support For QuickBooks

This article should allow you to understand the reports in QuickBooks Desktop and you are able to know where your business stands by seeing these different reports. However, if you are still not clear about reports or you are facing any kind of issue while creating or managing reports in QuickBooks then you can contact Intuit certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors for support. If you don’t know how to do that then you still don’t have to worry. You just need to dial the toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Phone Number +1805-900-6410 and you will be connected to one of our customer representatives and you will be provided support accordingly.

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Understand Reports In QuickBooks Desktop

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