QuickBooks Desktop allows you to set up, pay sales tax directly and it is important for you to review the sales tax you paid for the goods or services that you offer. You can easily review sales tax reports in QuickBooks Desktop by running the reports that allows you to check if everything is accurate before you process pay taxes.

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It also helps you complete other sales tax-related tasks.

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Sales Tax Liability Report

The sales tax liability report provides you a detailed summary of sales tax collected by you and owe to your tax agencies and it includes the following things:

  • total taxable sales
  • total nontaxable sales
  • tax rate
  • tax collected
  • sales tax payable as of

Tax collected is as same as the sum of taxable sales multiplied by tax rate. This is the amount you got from the sales transactions. However, the Sales tax payable is equal to the total tax collected subtracted with the payment processed in the date range you chose for the report. Note: Sales tax payable columns also comes with the payment processed by you and that’s why they won’t be as same as the total tax collected.

You can open the report by going to Reports > Vendors & Payables > Sales Tax Liability.

Sales Tax Revenue Summary report

A Sales tax revenue summary report shows you the sales summary by tax agency and sales tax code. You can also seethe sum of sales for each tax code that allows you to prepare sales tax form in a much convenient way.

You can open the report by going to Reports > Vendors & Payables > Sales Tax Revenue Summary.

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Review Sales Tax Reports In QuickBooks Desktop

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