Keep getting error messages or seeing unusual behavior?

This article will help you to resolve possible data issues using the Rebuild and Verify Utility. The verify and rebuild utility is the first step for the data related issues.

Run the Rebuild Utility

  1. From the File menu, choose Utilities > Rebuild Data.
  2. If you are prompt to back up your company file, click on OK. Note: You may get “QuickBooks is not responding” message on your screen. However, you don’t have to worry at all because the rebuild process is still going on. You need to wait for the process to get finished.
  3. Once you get a message Rebuild has completed, click on OK and go to the next step.

Run the Verify Utility

  1. From the File menu, go to Utilities and then click on Verify Data.
  2. When you get the message QuickBooks detected no problem with your data, you need to click on OK and you can keep working on your QuickBooks company file.
  3. If any issue is identified after running the Verify utility, you will be asked to choose Rebuild Now or View Errors.
  4. Click on Rebuild Now.

Running Verify still populating errors?

Rebuild again. Running the rebuild utility twice or thrice is a common workflow till the time the error gets resolved. 

You need to download the QuickBooks File Doctor in your system.


  • Always download a new version of File Doctor whenever you are required to use it. Intuit always provides the latest version of QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.
  • Once you are ready to choose the file, press CTRL + A to identify the issue you want to resolve.

You can know more about the file doctor tool at QuickBooks File Doctor – Fix your Damaged Company File or Network.

Unrecoverable Errors

The QuickBooks Unrecoverable Error is the most complex error series in the QuickBooks Desktop. The unrecoverable error basically indicates that the error can’t be resolved manually and it requires expert interference. Some of the most common QuickBooks Unrecoverable Errors are as follow:

  • 503 (QBO error)
  • -14113, 0
  • -6150, 1006
  • C=44
  • “Database disk image is malformed”
  • “Warning, no such table:schemaHistory”

The best solution for these errors is to Restoring a Backup Of Your QuickBooks Company File.

The provided solutions should be helpful for you in resolving potential data damage in QuickBooks Desktop. However, if the error is still occurring, you can connect with our QuickBooks Data Services by dialing the toll-free number +1-866-701-7446 and get instant help for your issues.

Resolving Potential Data Issues In QuickBooks

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