TLG in QuickBooks is a file extension that stands for Transaction Log File. It is one of the most important files to run QuickBooks smoothly. This file is also known as the configuration file of QuickBooks Desktop. Whenever you open your company file to a new place, a TLG file is always created automatically. This file basically helps you in recovering your lost or corrupt QuickBooks data. But what if this file gets corrupted? How your lost data will be recovered then? The answer is simple. You need to approach our QuickBooks Data Recovery Services to seek help.

We at, provides high-tech data recovery service. We have an experienced team that gives assured data recovery solutions to all the QuickBooks users across the globe.

The size of the .TLG file grows way faster than the QuickBooks Company File and when it becomes heavier than your company file, you start facing various issues. In such situations, you can face various error codes and issues in QuickBooks but most of the time you get an error from 6000 error series. This error series is completely dedicated towards your QuickBooks data file issues. You can face various data damages on your QB data files and you may also be restricted from creating a backup of your company file.

Increasing size of the TLG file can affect your QuickBooks Desktop performance as well. The TLG file is stored in the same folder where your company file is stored and having issues in this file can even corrupt your QuickBooks Company File as well.

What Is The Solution?

Most of the time users face TLG related issues when the file gets missing or corrupted. This can happen due to various reasons and the most common reason is that your QuickBooks company file is damaged, or you have changed the location of your company file but haven’t changed TLG file location. However, you don’t have to worry at all because even if the tlg file is not present in your system, our QuickBooks Data Services team can help you in recovering your data guaranteed.

How We Can Help?

  • We’ll have a detailed discussion before we start the data recovery process.
  • We will review the amount of damage of your TLG
  • Train, educate, and coach your team on the TLG file as it relates to your specific business model
  • Provide quality, secure, and fast service through same-day service, our no recovery, no fee guarantee, and fully encrypted transfers

We at, are keen to provide you the best data related services so that you don’t have to go through any kind of issue with your QuickBooks company file. The Transaction Log File is one of the most important files in QuickBooks database. You require this file to be able to access your QuickBooks Company File. You definitely don’t want this file to fall into any kind of error or issue. You can probably avoid the possible damages in the TLG file by creating a regular backup. This will allow you to restore your backed-up QuickBooks data file whenever you face any kind of issue. You can also use various backup tools such as the Intuit Data Protect Tool to create a backup of your company file.