If you are using QuickBooks from a long period of time, there are chances that the size of your QuickBooks company file becomes too large. QuickBooks has assigned a maximum file size for all versions and if it exceeds, you may face various errors and issues in QuickBooks. These issues consist frequent crashes, QuickBooks not responding, QuickBooks freezing, QuickBooks data damage, QuickBooks runs slowly, delay in saving transactions, delay in running reports, etc. If you also fall into such issues, it might be very difficult for you as you may even lost your data. In such situations, you can reach to our QuickBooks Data Services team to avail QuickBooks Data Recovery solutions on the go.

We at getsupportnumber.com, provide an end-to-end data related services so that you don’t face any kind of issue while working on your QuickBooks. When your QuickBooks data files becomes too large and you start facing issues in your QuickBooks, you need to look for the QuickBooks Super Condense Service. In this service, none of your data is sacrificed or removed and you get a lighter file size containing the same amount data.

What is QuickBooks SuperCondense?

The QuickBooks SuperCondense Service basically shrinks the file size of your data to around 50-80% of the original file size. Having a lighter QuickBooks data file will give you the following benefits:

  • Performance Boost: QuickBooks will run significantly faster
  • Stability: Smaller files are less prone to corruption or crashing
  • Speed: Quicker to load the file, run reports
  • Stay comfortably under the 14,500 name limit for Pro/Premier
  • Convert to QuickBooks Online
  • Upgrade to newer versions of QuickBooks faster and easier

Our QuickBooks SuperCondense service works with all the international versions including the US, UK & Canada.

Why Does QuickBooks Slow Down?

Using QuickBooks regularly will keep on increasing the data file size as it stores all the financial and non-financial data such as report settings, temp data, audit trail, garbage data etc. These additional data increase the file size and after a point of time, you will start having some QuickBooks Desktop performance issues. However, the SuperCondence service will safely remove all the temp files and other irrelevant files.

How Does It Works

By removing the old and irrelevant data from your company, the size of your company file will get reduced by up-to 80%. It is basically an alternate process of Condensing or Cleaning Up charges found in QuickBooks. The SuperCondense process provides way more better results than a normal Condense data process.

The difference between Condense and SuperCondense

QuickBooks provides you the option to reduce the size of your company file but you need to be aware of the process. The condense process in QuickBooks removes cleared transactions into summary journal entries. If there are some list items that are not being used, will be deleted from QuickBooks (lists: customers, employees, vendors). The normal Condense process will not remove few transaction types.

However, the SuperCondense is an updated concept of the Condense Data Utility in QuickBooks. We will provide you the entire usable data with 80% decreased file size than before. The reduced file size of your company file will avoid most of the performance related issues in QuickBooks Desktop and resulting in increased speed and transfer time.

For now, only the file with 350 MB size can be converted by QuickBooks online. With getsupportnumber’s SuperCondense Service, you can reduce any file size that will help you in upgrading your QuickBooks software or switching to QuickBooks online. Our QuickBooks SuperCondense services converts your same QuickBooks files to smaller size. Smaller QuickBooks file size will allow you to manage your financial data properly.

It is a basic data recovery process. You just have to upload a backup of your data file to our server. We will supercondense your data file and then transfer it to you once we are done with reducing your file size.