Store Exchnage Errors in QuickBooks POS

Quickbooks POS system is giving a great help to the users by making the transaction services very easier. But at the end it is a software so sometimes software faces some technical issues and to fix it , It is advised by our Experts that you take help from them. One Such Error is Quickbooks POS Store Exchange Error that appears in different phases. Store Exhange means transfer of data between Remote Stores and headquarters. And in this, data which is transferred is call Mailbag. Store exhange Error will showup when user didn’t receive Mailbags or Data. Our Team of Experts is always available for you and help you understand the Error in Detail and assist you with solutions.

Why User Face Store Exchange Error While Using Quickbooks POS Software

Causes :

  • Damaged QBT files
  • Inapt multi-store preferences settings
  • Compatibility issues
  • Mismatch of passwords between headquarters passwords and Stores Passwords
  • Existence of firewall and security programs
  • Configuration issues with license number
  • You may not be logged in as Administrator

How to fix the Different Errors Related to Quickbooks POS Store Exchange ?

The Code Wise resolutions for your Quickbooks POS Store Exchange error are listed below :

Quickbooks POS Error 175135 

For Fixing QB Point of sale Error Code 175315

  1. Open .qbt extension
  2. Go to the Stores
  3. Select Receive files
  4. Click Browse for files
  5. Seqrch for the concerned mailbag and open it
  6. Click on close
  7. Follow the general instructions

Quickbooks POS Error 175414

For Fixing QB point of sale error 175414

  1. Shut down the point of sale
  2. Do right click on the POS icon
  3. Choose Run as Administrator
  4. Run the Store Exchange

Quickbooks POS Error 193

For fixing QB point of sale Error Code 193

  1. Confirm that you send a mailbag to Headquarter.
  2. Receive the same
  3. Select the Customers
  4. Choose Customers List
  5. Click on one customer at a time

If the Error 193 still continues :

Go to File > choose utilities > select Resend and click on it > At the remote store, receive the mailbag

Quickbooks POS Error 175411

For fixing QB Point of sale Error Code 175411

  1. Go to the File menu
  2. Choose Company
  3. Choose preference
  4. Click on I Want to > choose reset to Default Setting
  5. Click Store Exchange Preference
  6. Put the unique license code > click on save
  7. Check the preference and make the changes required.

Quickbooks POS Error 175305

For Fixing  QB point of sale Error 175305

  1. Confirm that you are logged in as Admin
  2. If you see multiple error > click OK
  3. Go the the View log
  4. Identify the concerned Errors

Quickbooks POS Error 2 ( Mismatching password )

  1. Enter the same password in the both i.e store exchange and store exchange preferences
  2. Your Error is resolved

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How To Fix Quickbooks POS Store Exchange Error

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