Socket Error 10060 Quickbooks Point of Sale

Quickbooks POS Socket Error 10060 is a connection timeout error that is faced by the Quickbooks users whilw processing a payment through debit cards or credit cards. Get the full details of Causes and Solutions of Quickbooks POS Socket Error.

With the use of credit cards or debit cards in the system, the connection needs to be active and proper. Inactive connections leads to this error code 10060. Quickbooks POS Error 10061 and Quickbooks POS Error 11001 also related to this error and same cause. If you want to understand the technical messages of these errors then call Quickbooks Point of Sale Support and get help from our experts.

Causes & Impact 10060 Error Quickbooks POS Software

The reasons that may lead to the POS socket error 10060 :

  • Poor internet connectivity
  • Socket connection issue
  • Security software blocks network connection
  • EFT Server Problem

Reaching our Support team can helps you better understand the reason and solving your issue by giving the best solution.

How To Fix Quickbooks POS Error 10060 ?

Solution 1 : If Socket is not Connected

  1. Check the socket connection properly
  2. Check all the wires and tighten it if it is loose
  3. Check if it works

Solution 2 : If Security software blocks network connection

  1. Disable all the security softwares installed in your system.
  2. Do the transaction again
  3. If Error will not appear then your issue is resolved

Solution 3 : If one or more workstation is in use, then use the system where credit card is being processed

  1. Go to Edit menu > Select Preferences
  2. Now choose Company
  3. Click Communication setup
  4. Check “Use this computer for all credit card and debit transaction” option is selected. If not, Choose change to this computer
  5. Save now
  6. Exit the window and reopen your Point of Sale
  7. Navigate Tools menu > User Information
  8. See if WS-EFT server is there under workstation. If yes, Process the card

Solution 4 : Create a New Data File

  • Go to file menu > Select company data > click New
  • Write Test in the given space and give a identity to new data file
  • Go to the Edit menu > Select preferences > Choose company
  • Select Merchant Service and fill the details
  • Now Click on Save
  • Go the tools menu > Choose user information
  • Open POS and Process the card again

Note :  If EFT is running, then the issue is with original file. In this it is highly recommended to get in touch with the experienced technicians working day and night to help you. They assist you by taking the remote control of your system and fix this error for you . Our toll free for Quickbooks Error Support is 1805-900-6410.

Troubleshooting QB Point of Sale Socket Error 10060 on Windows 10, 8, 7 Vista

After discussing the issue with our experts, give them a moment they will explain you why this error occurred and what are the best solution to resolve it . Quickbooks Support Phone Number is highly recommended to every user , it saves user time and also waiting time is 10-20 seconds. For further Queries and Doubts related to the software dial our direct line number 1805-900-6410 and get connected.


How To Fix Quickbooks POS Socket Error 10060

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