QBPOSSHELL Error : Initializing QBPOS Application Log Failed

Sometimes when a user  open their Quickbooks POS, then application could not load properly and which result in the bad opening of Quickbooks Pont of Sale. When QB POS already running in the background which need to be closed, that is called Quickbooks POS Shell Error. Quickbooks Point of sale helps in all inventory and transactions related issues. Quickbooks POS gives many advantages but sometimes it need some technical assistance due to mant runtime errors.

The Quickbooks POS Shell Error can be solved in different ways depending on the which version of Quickbooks, a user is using. You can take the help from our USA QuickBooks POS support at our toll free number 1805-900-6410.

Causes, Symptoms, and Impact QB POS Shell Error

When you see a Error message i.e QBPOS Shell has stopped Working, you should know the causes of this error. The main reason of this error is the internal memory conflict between the shell file which is QBPOSSHELL.exe and the third party software installed in the computer system.

Example of third party software application is Dlumd32.dll . This driver software program offered by Display Link Corp, which can be used more than one monitor is installed in the same system.

Using Cloud Hosting For Quickbooks

Cloud hosting service gives you the feature that you can access your software anytime and from anywhere. It is important to keep a watch on the company file and other activities of the organization whether it is small, medium or large.

How To Fix The Quickbooks Point of Sale Shell Error

By uninstalling the Display Link Software program,you can fix this issue by your own, because display link software is the first reason behind this error. In case if this solution wouldn’t work then follow theese steps which is discussed below :

Option 1 : Edit QBPOS Shell Folder Content

  1. Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE together from the keyboard
  2. Click on Task manager
  3. Select Processes tab
  4. C lick on QBPOS Shell, Now Choose End Task
  5. Now navigate to Windows Start menu
  6. Browse File Explorer or Windows Explorer
  7. Now check the hidden items/ go to organize > folder and search options
  8. Go to C:\Users\{User logged on}\AppData\Local\Intuit\QBPOS.exe…\{last modified folder}
  9. Right click on config file
  10. Rename it and make it configold
  11. Now close the window and open your Ouickbooks POS

Options 2 : Create New Admin for Windows 7

  1. Navigate to control panel and select User Accounts
  2. Now select manage another account
  3. Click on Create a new acount and add your account name
  4. Select Admin and choose create account
  5. Restart your system and log in with new account details.

Option 3 : Create New Admin for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10

  1. Navigate to the control panel from your system
  2. Select User Accounts and Family Safety
  3. Select User Accounts and then click on manage another account
  4. Add new user in system settings
  5. Choose sign in without microsoft account
  6. Now Go to the local account and enter your username and password
  7. Click on Next and then Finish
  8. Restart your system and sign in with new account details.

Troubleshooting POS Shell Error in Windows 10, 8 , 7, Vista

Follow the above steps according to the version you are using and enjoy the solution by your own.  This error restrict you to open the Quickbooks POS. It normally appears when you try to reopen or restart tge Quickbooks POS Desktop System.  So in a case if these solution wouldn’t work you can dial our toll free Quickbooks 24/7 Support Number 1805-900-6410 and get your issue fixed in no time.


How To Fix Quickbooks POS Shell Error

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