Troubleshooting Financial Exchange Error Quickbooks POS

Quickbooks has lot of version for every type of business owner whether it is small or large, similarly Quickbooks POS is used is almost every company to maintain the activities on daily basis. But sometimes due to some technical issue a user may face problem and may restrict to do its work.  A user may see the error message sometimes . One of such error is Quickbooks POS financial exchange error.

The Function of financial exchange software is to monitor the financial transactions but the error restricts it to perform the tracking of the financial data.  But don’t worry there are many solutions to solve this problem. Lets take a look at the steps to solve this problem or you can simply take help from Quickbooks POS Support Number.

Causes & Impact POS Error Financial Exchange

The causes of the financial exhange error include :

  • Activity log error
  • issue in mapping accounts
  • Accounts not set up with tax type
  • Tax agency type is not set up
  • line item discounts with decimal quantities

How to Fix Financial Exchange Error Quickbooks Point of Sale ?

There are many solutions which are useful to solve this error :

Option 1 : Activity log error

  1. Navigate to the Activity Log financial to check the log
  2. Choose financial center
  3. If the error is not showing then your error is resolved

Option 2 : Issue in mapping accounts

  1. Go to the File menu
  2. Select preferences
  3. Choose Company
  4. Navigate to the Accounts
  5. Match the settings

Option 3 : If the error still continues, Select this option

  • Go to the Purchasing
  • Select History tab
  • select among the vouchers
  • Select I want to …button
  • Choose show Financial Details

Option 4 : For Quickbooks Version 5

  1. Navigate to the Point of sale
  2. Select Sales History
  3. Go to the receipt causing error and click the same
  4. Click on Financial
  5. Select mark this document as successfully sent option and then Click OK

Option 5 : For Quickbooks Version 6

  1. See for the receipt number showing in the error
  2. Select POS
  3. Browse Sales History
  4. locate and click the receipt in the error
  5. Click I want to…
  6. Select View Financial history
  7. Select Mark this document as successfully sent option and then Click OK

Option 6 : For Quickbooks Version 10

  • Follow the same steps mentioned in the Option 5.

Do try these steps according to your Version, and In case if none of the solution work then it is recommended to get in touch with our masters who can teach you the best possible way to solve this and also gives you the precautions to prevent these type of error in near future.

Technical Support for Financial Exchange issues in QuickBooks POS

When you dial our toll free number at Quickbooks 24/7 Phone Number, dont forget to mention your version which you are using because solution is depend on the version of the software you are using. It can save our time as well as your time too.  Make sure to update your windows to avoid these types of errors.  We are offering the 24×7 Tech Support to our POS users as well as premium users, So dont waste time , make a call at our toll free Quickbooks support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446.


How To Fix Quickbooks POS Financial Exchange Error

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