Quickbooks Point of Sale Error 193 Primary Key for Dept Keywords is Not Unique

This Error is a type of Stock Exchange Error and arises when there is a issue in processing of mailbag. Quickbooks POS Error 193 is a common issue faced by the user while performing the activities in QB POS. Point of sale performs many functions  like tracking inventory, management of sales and improvement of customer relation.

Therefore it is compulsory for any software to run error free because if the software is running with errors may cause disturbance in the operation of management and affects the working of whole organization. There are different ways to solve this issue, Connect to our Quickbooks USA Support for better solutions and instructions.

Causes & Reason For Store Exchange Error Code 193 QB POS

  • Duplicacy of names and departmental codes
  • Names of Merged and deleted customers
  • Presence of Damaged .QBT files
  • Corrupt Customer list at remote store

Quickbooks Error Code 193 Warning Message

Quickbooks POS Error 193 appears when a User try to send the mailbag to remote store from the Headquarters. Your screen will give you either of the two messages given below :

  • Primary key for dept keywords is not unique
  • Primary key for table “ Customer Rewards” is not unique

So lets take a look at these steps to fix Quickbooks POS Error Code 193 manually.

How To Fix Quickbooks POS Error 193 ?

Solution 1 :

  1. Open Reports tab available on Quickbooks POS
  2. Access customer list and run the report
  3. Select first customer
  4. Double click on the customer selected
  5. Navigate to the View list and see the details of the first customer sholud be visible
  6. Present Customer lists gets displayed
  7. Select All and click on I want to….Then check on Delete the customer(s) option
  8. Go to File in the headquarter server
  9. Select utilities and click resend
  10. You can check the mailbag at the store

Solution 2 : 

Follow these steps if solution 1 wont work :

  1. Send mailbag to the headquarters and receive it
  2. Go to the Customers menu from the remote stores
  3. Select Customer list
  4. Click I want to.. and press delete for each customer at a time you want to delete
  5. Records of your main customer is stored in headquarter and you can send from there
  6. If you want to select number of customers from the list you can select till the last item in the list
  • For Version 10 and 2013
  1. First customer has to be chosen from the list
  2. Press shift
  • For Version 9
  1. Select all customer list by presiing CTRL + A
  2. Navigate to filemenu of the HeadQuarter Server
  3. Select utilities and resend
  4. Check the mailbag in the store

Technical Support Error Code 193 Troubleshooting QB POS 18.0, 13.0, 12.0

In case if both solution are not working for you then it is advised that you should call our Quickbooks POS Support Number 1805-900-6410 because there are different solutions for this error which are depending on the version of QB you are using. We are available 24/7 to provide Quickbooks Tech Support to every user of Quickbooks when they need any assistance.


How To Fix Quickbooks POS Error 193

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