Quickbooks Desktop Point of Sale Error Code 175305

Accounting transactions and Payroll transactions are complicated if it is done by a single user, But With Quickbooks POS each and every function that you carry out in you firm becomes very simple and easy. With the benefits Qucikbooks POS has some side effects also, because sometimes you face some technical issues while working on the Software. If you see Quickbooks POS Store Exchange Error Code 175305 on your screen and stay connected with our Technical Support. But First lets go through the article explaining what is this Error all about :

Error 175305 occurred specially when you are using Quickbooks POS version 10. You can dial our Toll free Quickbooks Support Phone Number for detailed information on this error and we will fix this error for you.

Reasons Behind The QB POS Error 175305

Causes Include :

  • Processing error, which is displayed in the sending files dialog
  • The interference of the windows firewall with the process of store exchange
  • Not logged in as Admin
  • Corrupted QBT file
  • Trying to send data from different headquarters
  • Compatibility problems

These causes are the reasons which effect your software overall functioning.

How To Fix QB POS Error 175305 ?

Solution 1 : Identify the Error and change the settings

Step 1 : Check for error messages

  1. Click OK on the error dialog box
  2. Select View log > identify the errors listed
  3. Go to the next step

Step 2 : Reset Multi-Store Exchange settings

  1. Open your Quickbooks POS
  2. Click on edit ( for version 10, choose Filemenu )
  3. Go to preferences
  4. Choose Workstation or company
  5. Choose store exchange preference
  6. Make sure that email configuration should be done properly
  7. Choose Configure > put license number
  8. Select the license number you put and press Delete from the keyboard
  9. Click OK the Click Save
  10. Go to Edit ( for version 10 choose filemenu )
  11. Click on preferences
  12. Choose Workstation or company
  13. Choose Store Exchange preference > Configure
  14. Re-enter you license number > Click Ok > Save

Solution 2 : Set the Communication Method Configuration

  1. Go to the Filemenu
  2. Select your preferences
  3. Select company
  4. Choose multi-store
  5. Choose store exchange
  6. Write down the current preferences
  7. For each option you get NOT USED option
  8. Click on it and save
  9. Open Company preferences
  10. Put the original company preference settings
  11. Click on Save

Solution 3 : Delete .QBT file

For Headquarter Store

  1. Open C:\ drive from your system > program Data > Intuit > Quickbooks Point of sale > Stexon the server
  2. Delete .QBT file
  3. Begin with next cycle of Store exchange

For Remote Store

  1. Search for .QBT files in the system
  2. Press Windows and E together from the Keyboard
  3. In the Windows Explorer search box press Windows + F
  4. Enter .QBT in the search bar
  5. Press Enter and Delete all .QBT files
  6. Perform different store exchange cycle

Technical Support For Error 175305 in Quickbooks POS

If you still facing issues regarding this error , you can stay connected with our Technical Support and get assisted by our certified technicians at our tollfree Quickbooks Support Number 1805-900-6410.


How To Fix Quickbooks POS Error 175305

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