How To Create Detailed Report In QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks accounting program offers you a combined report of employees and payroll report that helps you in getting knowledge about your organization’s representatives and expenses of payroll widely. QuickBooks Payroll Detail Report not only provides you the information about individual employees but it can also give you the information that covers all employees and representatives. You can easily send the QuickBooks Payroll Detail Report to a spreadsheet.

Detail Report of QuickBooks Payroll can give lists of existing workers, representative incomes, paid-time-off amounts, and significantly more. QuickBooks Payroll Detail Report gives summarized information on QuickBooks Desktop and calculates the taxes on worker’s paychecks from year-to-date. You can use this report to research about the amount of tax utilized by QuickBooks Desktop.

Make sure you are subscribed to payroll and using the latest released tax table. Follow the below details, create a QB Payroll Detail Report.

Types Of Item Included In Detail Review Report QB


In order to create a QuickBooks Payroll Detail Report, follow the mentioned steps below:

  • Click on Reports menu > Select Employees & Payroll option > Click on the Payroll Detail Review button.

To modify your QuickBooks payroll detail report, follow the mentioned steps below:

  • QuickBooks Desktop shows the year to date payroll information by default. Changing the date range will allow you to modify or customize the report. You can also add or remove the columns on the report.

To Modify The Report:

  • Click on Customize Report.
  • Click on display and select the date range that you see in the drop down list or else you can also fill in the given option ‘From and To’ dates.
  • If you want to run the QuickBooks Payroll Detail Report particularly to a date of a paycheck, insert the paycheck dates as per the ‘From and To’ dates.
  • Click on Filters
  • Select the items which you need to display

Also, you can call QuickBooks Payroll Help Number in case if you want some more information about the reports.


  • To choose particular worker from the All names list:
  • Click on the Name into the Filter list
  • Click on the down menu that is next to the All names and then choose Multiple names.
  • Click on the Employees name that you require from the Select Name window.
  • Click on OK to save your modified settings.

To show the payroll transactions for example ‘year to date’ (known as YTD) Adjustment or else Liability Adjustment:

  • Click on the Transaction Type from the Filter list.
  • Select the transaction type from the drop-down menu list.
  • Click OK to save your settings

Why Companies Require Detailed QB Payroll Reports

Utilization of Data

  • You can export your data into the spreadsheets easily which allows you to modify or change your data anytime.
  • Normally, these reports are used for the Human Resources and payroll workers. By following some simple steps they can get information and data related to any individual representatives or team of workers separated by kind of pay (salary or hourly), office, area, and so on.
  • Data can likewise be tweaked to demonstrate just the data staff requires to see. For instance, maybe administrators or managers ought to have the capacity to track things such as overtime hours, holiday vacation as well as sick days utilized and contact data, yet they ought not to approach to more sensitive data, for example, social security numbers.
  • You can also make changes in reports to prohibit certain information through application itself, depending upon your requirements or you can also make your own particular customized spreadsheet.

Get Help For Problem Generating Detail Payroll Report QB

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QuickBooks Payroll Detail Report

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