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Are you looking to update or change QuickBooks Payroll 4 Employees data in the QuickBooks Desktop? With this article, we will be helping you to complete this process easily. This article will help you to alter QuickBooks Payroll 4 Employees data in the representative profile into the QuickBooks Desktop. QuickBooks Payroll 4 Employees Form W4 might be needed to complete this process. You get in touch with our QuickBooks Payroll Support Number in order to learn more about managing payroll for company with less employee strength.

How To Do Payroll 4 Employee with QuickBooks Payroll


Note: If you are using Direct Deposit or QB Desktop Payroll Assisted, you need to send a zero finance or payroll after you have completed your upgrades.

You can modify the following employee data whenever you want:

Legal Name, Address, State Filing Status, Date Of Birth, Deductions, Payroll Schedules, State Extra Withholding, State Estimated Deductions Class, Earnings (rate, items, pay period), Sick or Vacation, Allowance, State Allowance, Extra Withholdings, Company Contributions.

A modification that winds-up compelling the following payroll interval:

  • State Worked, State Lived and other taxes

Users can coordinate with a QuickBooks Payroll expert for help:

Social Security, SDI, UDI, Advanced Gained Income Credit, Federal and Unemployment Taxes, Medicare. The retroactive alteration for payrolls during the existing year to state lived, state worked and other taxes.

In order to modify an employee’s payroll data:

  • Open QuickBooks > Employees Option > Employee Center.
  • Double click on the employee name whose payroll data is being modified.
  • Click on the Payroll Info button into the Edit Employee Screen

Edit or Alter the employee’s payroll data

  • Go to the Employees option and then click on Employee Center.
  • Double click on the employee name
  • Enter the edited name of the employee in the Legal Name under the personal tab.
  • Click on OK

In order to incorporate extra payroll item:

  • Click on the last item from the Item Name section
  • Now from the drop down list, select the payroll item. If you want to create a new item then click on the Add button.
  • Click on OK and your settings will be saved

In order to modify the amount, and annual limit, as well as the percentage of a payroll item:

  • Click on Annual or Hourly Amount, Rate and Limit section for the item you need to modify.
  • Edit the percentage amount and limit
  • Click on OK and your settings will be saved

Also, we have posted another article for QuickBooks Payroll 3 Users, where you will find all the essential information with the proper setup. 

In order to change or modify tax withholding either add additional withholding:·

  • Click on Taxes.
  • Now select the tax type that you need to change.
  • Now enter the alteration and then click on OK. 

If you want to put the payroll item over another:·

  • Click on the item above you need to put an item.
  • Click on Edit and then click on Insert Line
  • Click on OK and your settings will be saved

In order to delete or remove the payroll item:

  • Click on the item that you want to delete
  • Click on Edit and then click on Delete Line
  • Click on OK and your settings will be saved

In order to revive a released or terminated employee:·

  • Click on the Employee Center dialogue box and then click on the Change View to all Employees.
  • Double click on the mentioned employee that you need to act again.
  • Click on Employment Info
  • Remove the released or terminated date, Now the field is clear.

Now click on the Employee Center dialogue box then select the Change View to All Employees (if you want to see the inactive employees into the rundown)·

  • Unmark the Employee in the inactive dialogue box·
  • Now click on OK button in order to save changes.

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QuickBooks Payroll 4 Employees

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