QuickBooks requires a company’s home currency for records such as sales, purchases, and chart of accounts. If you are using multiple currency in your company, enabling the multicurrency in QuickBooks can be helpful for your business to show this in your account settings.

Multi-currency provides you additional features and form sections associated with the amounts to be converted to the sterling as per your preferred conversion rates. Currency options in QuickBooks is only available for expenses, invoices, customers, suppliers, accounts, and more.

What Does Multi-Currency Do?

The multi-currency related services are a part of our QuickBooks Data Recovery services. The modifications on your account that occur while enabling multi-currency option can’t be changed

  • Multi-currency feature can’t be disabled later if you enable it.
  • You won’t be able to change your home currency once you enable it.

After enabling the multi-currency, you will be provided an additional link to currencies present in the Settings menu. You can access it by clicking on the Gear icon. With this, you will be able to see active currencies, view or modify exchange rates and you can add more currencies as well. This option can also be accessed by going to Gear menu >> Account and Settings >> Advanced >> Currency.

QuickBooks Multiple Currency Removal Service

We provide end-to-end data services to remove the multi-currency feature from QuickBooks. Removing multi-currency from QuickBooks is very crucial because if it turned on, you won’t be able to convert your QuickBooks Mac or QuickBooks Online. It is said that the multi-currency feature is irreversible, and it can’t be undone later. But we at getsupportnumber.com, are there to help you out in such situation. Our QuickBooks Data Services team provides complete service QuickBooks multi-currency feature.

Common QuickBooks Multi Currency Problems:

  • The multi-currency feature is not supported by the QuickBooks Mac and QuickBooks Online versions.
  • Disabling multi-currency feature option is not available
  • Multiple currencies are not supported by QB online.
  • QuickBooks currency multiple 2016 premier getting error

How it works?

The basic process is quite simple as you just upload your backed-up QuickBooks files. We restore your company file at our end and remove the multi-currency feature and then provide you the download link for the files that doesn’t have multi-currency feature.

We provide services to remove multi-currency option from QuickBooks so that you can convert your data to QuickBooks Mac or QuickBooks Online. We can also help you in converting your QuickBooks data through our QuickBooks Data Migration Service with enabled multi-currency feature. This service is provided to all international versions including US, Canada and UK versions. We provide assured data recovery and data conversion service as we have a team of experienced data service team.