QuickBooks helps you in managing your accounts and business efficiently. It takes care of all your business needs and you can easily achieve them. You can also link you bank account with QuickBooks that makes it easy to maintain all transactions. But there can be a situation when the QuickBooks could not verify the Financial Institution. It can happen because the Bank ID is not entered in QuickBooks properly or QuickBooks is unable to recognize the ID code.

It can be a very critical issue because the transaction can be delayed or restricted due to this error. You are recommended to connect with the QuickBooks Payroll Support professionals immediately as it can affect your workflow. You will be provided assistance for changing the Bank ID number for your QuickBooks software.

In this article, we have provided all the possible resolutions of this banking error. But before going to the resolutions, you need follow the below steps to make sure that before importing the QBO file in your QuickBooks application; you have to open it in the Microsoft Excel or a notepad.

  • Open the file in Microsoft Excel or Notepad
  • On the 20th line, you will find <INTUIT.BID>2002.
  • Change the last four digits to 3000
  • Now save the file.
  • Then upload the file to your QuickBooks application.

QuickBooks Is Unable To Verify The Financial Institution: Resolution

This is a temporary solution for this issue. To get the permanent solution, call the experts. Follow the below steps for resolving the issue.

  1. Search the figir.txt file.
  2. Open this file in notepad.

For Windows 8/7/Vista users

  • Browse for the following location or the data path, C:\ProgramData\…………………… \filist.

For Windows XP users

  • Browse for the following data path, C:\Documents and Settings\……………………………..\filist
  • Search the name of the bank MB Financial
  • 4 set of number will be displayed on your screen that you need to note down. The pattern is xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx.
  • Open the .QBO file through notepad and locate <FID>, <BANKID> or <BID>
  • Now modify the number that you see in front of the characters with numbers that are associated with FIDIR.
  • Apply the changes
  • Open your QuickBooks Company file and transfer it.

Support For Banking Issues

As we have already mentioned that the above solutions are not permanent and the error can be encountered once again. To fix this error permanently, get in touch with our Intuit certified QuickBooks Pro advisors by calling us at QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 toll free.


QuickBooks Is Unable To Verify The Financial Institution: 2 Simple Steps To Fix It.

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