QuickBooks has become a global brand for accounting software, and it is available in most of the countries. One thing that you need to make sure that you purchase the only that country version where your business is located. We often get queries from users that they mistakenly purchased a version a which is not supported in their country. You may have to convert from QuickBooks Canada to QuickBooks US, QuickBooks UK to QuickBooks US, or vice versa. Well, in that case, you need to look for QuickBooks International Edition Conversion.

There are various businesses that operates in multiple countries and have divisions in multiple countries. Sometimes, you set up a company file in a different nationality of QuickBooks but later, you want to access it in a different nationality, you need to make your company file compatible to that version. For this, you have to connect with our QuickBooks Data Services team and get instant QuickBooks International Edition Conversion.

With the conversion service of getsupportnumber, you will be able to convert your QuickBooks Company Files from QuickBooks US to UK to handle the VAT.

Limitations Of This Conversion Service

  • QuickBooks doesn’t support transferring payroll transactions from one file to another. For this, we have to transfer payroll checks as regular ones with full line item details.
  • QuickBooks doesn’t support transferring usernames from secondary to primary file. You have to create users again once the data is merged.
  • You can’t transfer budget data.

With this conversion, you will be able to make changes in the nationality of QuickBooks and bring both versions into sync. First of all, we will do an evaluation to assess both QuickBooks versions to ensure the time conversion will take. The first step to start this process is to upload your data files that you want to convert. Once we are done with the conversion, we will send you the files and you will be able to work in converted version straight away. To get it done with ease, we recommend you uploading the portable company file as it is small in size and can easily be uploaded or downloaded.