Why QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Suddenly

The people who are using QuickBooks are totally known with the fact that this is the best accounting software in the world. Although, the software provides great features for the users and there are three different versions in which one can use this software. Even with having so many awesome features, it might be possible that you may find an error while using this software.

Sometimes, it happens that QuickBooks stops working all of sudden and this mostly happens in the older version of QuickBooks which starts from the QuickBooks 2008 to the QuickBooks version 2014. When the Windows 10 released, most of the people start getting issues with the older version of QuickBooks. The product which gets this issue more frequently is not supported by Intuit:

  • QuickBooks Pro 2008,
  • QuickBooks Pro 2007,
  • QuickBooks Pro 2009,
  • QuickBooks Pro 2010,
  • QuickBooks Pro 2011,
  • QuickBooks Pro 2012,
  • QuickBooks Pro 2013.

The users who don’t upgrade their software might start getting issues frequently while using the software. It is suggested to the all the users that they upgrade their software to the latest version. One can easily upgrade the software but the difficulty gets created when the customers need to update the company file also. Of course, no one wants that the data and information in the company file get erased.

What Can You Do When QuickBooks Desktop Doesn’t Open?

The main reason because of which this happens is due to the compatibility issues with the operating system. If you will not upgrade the software for a long time, then you might start facing this problem.  No software can run for a long time without maintenance and regular updates. It might be possible that this error might be occurring because of the size of company file. If the user is missing QBUSER.INI file or the file is damaged, then the user might get this problem.

When the software stops working all of a sudden and you are not able to update the company file after purchasing the latest version of QuickBooks, then it might be possible that you lost the entire data. You should make sure that you have the QuickBooks Auto Data Recovery feature which can enable you to recover the deleted data, company file from the older version of the accounting software. Just make sure that you are using the latest version and 99% chances will decrease when the QuickBooks stops working.

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