QuickBooks for Mac allows you to create invoices, purchases, manage sales tax and inventory in a single program. It is somehow similar to the QuickBooks Desktop for Windows apart from the interface and few commands.

Common Errors with QuickBooks MAC

Functionality Errors

If QuickBooks identifies and damaged company file in your database, you won’t be able to update it properly and you will also be not able to use other important features of QuickBooks. Damaged QuickBooks data files could also be available in your operating system files.

Common Causes Of Data Corruption

Data related issues in your QuickBooks for Mac generally occurs due to lack of resources such as:

  • Virtual Memory, RAM, Network cables, etc.
  • Your company file size exceeds the allowed file size by Intuit.
  • Virus or malware attack on your data files.
  • Random shutdown of your system or network failure.

Identify Corruption In QuickBooks

QuickBooks data damage is one of the most critical issues in QuickBooks and it can be a bit difficult to identify the corruption in your database. You can’t identify the issue until you get an error message.

QuickBooks Common Errors

  • An error occurs while working on the QuickBooks software.
  • Database disk image is malformed
  • QuickBooks shuts down when you save a transaction
  • Discrepancies appear on reports; that is, invoices or bills that post with a negative value
  • Deposited payments show up in the Payments to Deposit window
  • Balance sheet reports are missing some accounts
  • Names are missing from (customer/vendor/item/employee) lists
  • Missing or Damaged or corrupted Transactions
  • The QuickBooks company file won’t open
  • Transactions can’t be saved
  • You experience power surges or dropouts, abnormal shutdowns, computer crashes, “Company file in use, please wait,” messages or generally feel the need to run a diagnostic check on the company file
  • QuickBooks freezing or crashing
  • QuickBooks Error Codes 12000, 20000001
  • QuickBooks unrecoverable error. QuickBooks has generated an error and will shut down. Error Code xxx.
  • HRESULT Errors
  • QuickBooks Internal Errors
  • Missing Bank Account
  • Existing Credits don’t apply correctly.
  • Discrepancy in the opening balance, need to undo reconciliation a few months.

What Can Be Done If Your Data Is Lost?

Data damage is the biggest threat in QuickBooks for any user. Your company file contains all your business data and you definitely don’t want it get harm in any way. However, there can be some circumstances when you can’t really avoid such issues. You can face data loss issues and that can hamper your business badly. Well in that case, you don’t need to panic at all. We can help you to recover your data and put it back to its previous state. With our QuickBooks Data Recovery services, we provide end-to-end data recovery services. Our QuickBooks Data Services are highly dedicated towards helping you in such difficult situations.

You just need to provide the backup file of QuickBooks company file and we will start working on it. Once we are done with recovering your lost data, we will provide you a download link along with a prompt to set up your recovered data.

We at getsupportnumber.com, are keen to provide you the best solution for your data loss issues so that you can get back your business as soon as possible.