Are you using QuickBooks Desktop from a long period of time and your data files becomes too large? If yes, you may have started facing various errors and issues in your QuickBooks software. If your QuickBooks data files are larger than 500 MB, you need to optimize your files after every 6-12 months to make sure you don’t face any performance related issues. However, QuickBooks doesn’t come with any internal functionality to optimize its data files other than a Condense Utility. In such situations, you need to look for a QuickBooks File Optimization Service through our QuickBooks Data Services.

When the size of your company file increases and crosses the mark of 500 MB, it starts having various performance related issues in QuickBooks. You can even face data damage issues in your company files as well. It is very important to optimize your QuickBooks data file as it will keep your data protected and provide you increased employee efficiency. One of the major sources of increased QuickBooks file size is the Audit Trail in QuickBooks Desktop as it may be responsible for 30% or more of the total file size. Most of the users prefers the data condense utility but it is not that affective when it is compared to the file optimization service of

Before removing the Audit Trail, QuickBooks creates a copy of your original data file and you will still have a historical file available which can be combined will all your transactional data to the audit history of all the transactions.

How to reduce a QuickBooks File Size?

  • One of the basic process to reduce the file size of your company file is creating a portable file (.QBM). The file gets optimized by QuickBooks automatically when you restore a portable file. However, it won’t help you in larger perspective as it reduces the file size by a very small amount.
  • You can use the condense data utility by selecting a cut-off data to remove older transactions. The QuickBooks Condense process consist a built-in shrink utility that helps you in reducing the file size once the Condense finishes.
  • The third and the most effective option is using the QuickBooks SuperCondense Data service.

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If you use QuickBooks to manage your business and financial information, it is your duty to keep your data safe because having issues in your company file can badly impact your business. If your QuickBooks files becomes too large, you may start facing various errors and issues such as QuickBooks not responding, QuickBooks freezing, QuickBooks data damage, QuickBooks runs slowly, delay in saving transactions, delay in running reports, etc.

The QuickBooks File Optimization Service will reduce the size of your QuickBooks data files by removing all the irrelevant and temp data. With our data services, we provide assurance to our clients that they are not going to lose any of the transaction in this process. Once you use our file optimization service, you will clearly see the improvements in the performance of your QuickBooks software.