QuickBooks is well-optimized and highly recommended accounting software for small and medium sized industries. Intuit releases regular updates for QuickBooks which is required to run the software. If you are upgrading QuickBooks software to the latest version then you need to prepare the Network share, Server OS and user-system because even a minor issue in any of these can restrict you from opening the company file. These situation can lead to the situation of QuickBooks Error Connection has been lost. The error comes up with the following error message:

The connection to the company file has been lost. QuickBooks must close immediately. Any unsaved data will need to be re-entered.

This article will provide you the complete guidance to resolve the QuickBooks Error Connection Has Been Lost. If you need instant resolution for your issues then you can contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 toll-free.

How You Can Prevent Yourself From The Connection Error In QuickBooks?

The precautions that you must take to avoid such errors are as follow:

  • Look for the regular updates for QuickBooks. You can press the F2 key to check the QuickBooks version and available updates.
  • You must not try to open the Company file in the previous version after updating the software
  • Don’t open the QuickBooks Pro/Premier account company files
  • The Enterprise Company files can only be opened in the Enterprise version of QuickBooks.
  • You need to convert all files on the local system only. Follow the below mentioned steps to do so:
    • Logout from the QuickBooks desktop application.
    • Copy the file from a server location and paste it on the local system.
    • Try to rebuild the company file on a local network and create a backup at the specified location, in case there is a need to restore the QuickBooks Company.

If you are facing issues even after taking all the precautions then you have to repair Company file to resolve the error.

How Resolve The Connection Error In QuickBooks?

Before you go onto the actual steps, here are some quick fixes that you can apply to resolve the error:

  • Restart Database Server Manager
  • Move the file to a different folder
  • Set Power saving option to never

Steps to resolve the connection error in QuickBooks are as follow:

Solution 1: Restart QuickBooks

Sometimes the error can easily be resolved by just restarting the QuickBooks software. Restarting QuickBooks can help you in resolving the connectivity issue.

Solution 2: Restart Your System

An application update does not work properly without restarting your system. Restart your system and then try to open the QuickBooks software.

Solution 3: QuickBooks File Doctor Tool

Download and install the QuickBooks File Doctor Tool from the official website of Intuit. The tool will automatically scan and troubleshoot the detected issues.

If the company file is stored on a portable drive then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

The company file needs to be stored on the local. You must not use a portable drive such as a flash drive. The following steps are bit complex and you should perform these steps on your own risk.

Check Your Portable Drive

  • Make sure that the portable drive is connected appropriately
    • Disconnect and reconnect the drive
    • Locate the QuickBooks company file on the portable drive
    • Save the files on your desktop
  • Make sure that the portable drive has enough available space.

If your system is connected to a network and your data file is stored on another computer

  • The network connection may be unstable (non-wired connection)
  • The folder may require some additional permission
  • Firewall is preventing access over the network
  • Power saving mode is turned on.

Your network can break in several ways:

  • You may have received some Windows error or some other issues on your system
  • Your server or the host system is having some issues.
  • Internet connection of your system is unstable

Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to get the best results:

Solution 1: Use the QuickBooks File Doctor to fix the error

Solution 2: Restart Computers

  • Restart your server
  • Restart all the connected systems one by one.

Solution 3: Check your network

  • Open or save another file on the server to check if you have the required permission or not.
    • Create and delete a Microsoft Excel or a WordPad file on the server system
  • If you are unable to create the file then you need to set up appropriate Windows access permissions.

Solution 4: Turn off the power management settings on the server

  • Open the power management settings on the system where company file is saved.
    • Go to the Start menu
    • Type Power Options in the search field and hit enter
  • Turn off all sleep, standby and hibernation modes on the host system.

Solution 5: Fix hosting on all computers

Host Computer Tasks

  • The QuickBooks Database Server Manager must be installed on the host system
    • Go to the Start menu
    • Search the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. If it is not there in the list it means it is not installed in your system and you have to install the database server manager.

Set Hosting Settings

If QuickBooks is installed on the server system:

  • Open QuickBooks and go to Files > Utilities
    • If Stop Hosting Multi-User Access is in the menu then the hosting is enabled and you can move on to the next step.
    • If Host Multi-User Access is in the menu then click on it to enable hosting on the system and go to the next step.

If QuickBooks isn’t installed on the server system:

  • Go to Start > All Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server manager
  • Click on the QuickBooks Database Sever manager
  • Tap on the Database Server tab
  • Make sure that the company file appears in the window under the Currently connected company files and logged in users If it is not there then click on Scan Folders and then go to Help to get information about the company files.

Delete and re-create the .nd file

In order to create the Network Descriptor file, you need to scan the folder where the company file is stored. This file contains the information about the system that hosts the company files.

  • Open the QuickBooks Database Server Manager
  • Click on Add Folder and browse to the folder that stores the company files
  • Once you add all the folder, click on Scan
  • Click on Close
  • Go to the folder where the company file is stored and make sure that .band file was created for each company data file.

Make sure hosting is turned off

  • Run QuickBooks and go to File > Utilities
    • If you see Stop Multi-User Access option then click on it to disable it and navigate to the next step.
    • If Host Multi-User Access is there in the list then you don’t have to do anything and go to the next step.

Open the company file using a UNC path

Uniform Naming Convention is common syntax Windows uses to describe the location of a network resource.

  • Open QuickBooks and go to File > Open or Restore Company
  • Click on Open a Company file and then click on Next
  • Now, click on My Network Places
  • Double-click on Entire Network and go to the location on your server where the company file is located.
  • Select the company file and click on Open

Technical Support For QuickBooks Connection Errors

It is highly recommended by the Intuit to use a wired connection, Configure firewall and add QuickBooks firewall ports. However, if you still face the same error then you can get in touch with the technical support team of getsupportnumber.com. You need to dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 to get instant support for your issues.


QuickBooks Error Connection Has Been Lost

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