QuickBooks has provided great accounting solutions especially for small and medium sized businesses. QuickBooks has made accounting tasks easy and quick and providing great outcomes. QuickBooks has satisfied large number customers across the world with its user friendly interface. However, being such great accounting software, it is also surrounded by some errors and issues that can put your work on halt. One such error is QuickBooks Error 80570057 that can appear while working on QuickBooks. This error appears when you try to open the organization/company file and comes up with the error message that says:

Error code 80570057: “the parameter is incorrect”

The Error refers that you have are not permitted or don’t have appropriate permissions to delete the files from the specific folder. You need to read and write access for running QuickBooks services for multiple users.

Causes Of QuickBooks 80570057

Main causes of QuickBooks Error 80570057 are as given below:

  • QuickBooks file renamed manually with a .QBB file extension
  • Try to run a portable company file (.qbm) while QuickBooks is closed
  • QuickBooks installation damage
  • While conversion or creating backup or portable company file, QuickBooks finds data damage in the company file
  • Inappropriately modified the name of QuickBooks for Windows file extension
  • Approaching organization file saved on a USB drive
  • QuickBooks unable to read the organization file extension that was modified.

How To Resolve The Error 80570057?

We have provided 7 possible solutions that can help you in fixing the error. Follow the bellow mentioned steps:

Solution 1: Open Organization file once you are logged in

  • Open QuickBooks
  • If the company file does not opens automatically, open it
  • Click on the Start button > All Programs > Open QuickBooks
  • Click on the version of QuickBooks you want to open
  • Choose the file and click on Open or Restore Company

Solution 2:  Download and Run the QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool

  • Download QuickBooks Company File Diagnostic Tool from the official website of Intuit.
  • Install it on your system and run it.
  • The tool diagnoses the damaged data and gives two options:
    • Restore a recent backed up company file
    • Restore all or most of your data using Auto Data Recovery
  • Attach your file to the Data Recovery Team. If you have any doubt, connect with the QuickBooks Payroll Support Number.

If no issue in Company File is found then your company file is ok. Now, go to the next solution.

Solution 3: Download and Run the QuickBooks Connection Diagnostic Tool

  • From the official website of Intuit, download the QuickBooks Connection Tool
  • Install the tool in your computer
  • Follow the instructions provided to learn to use the tool.

If you still get the error, go to the next solution

Solution 4: Update QuickBooks Version to the Latest Release

Update you QuickBooks to the latest version

  • Click on the Update to the Latest Release from the web page
  • Select the product
  • Select and perform the process as instructed by the update option:
    • Automatic Updates
    • Manual Updates

If the error is still not resolved, follow the next solution

Solution 5: Manual Resolution

If the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool is unable to run your system then you need to perform the manual resolutions steps:

Warning: This solution needs some technical knowledge and a bit complex. If you have any doubt, get in touch with the experts.

  • Find out the .nd files:
    • For Windows 7: Click on Start button > type .nd in the search field and hit enter
    • Windows Vista: Click on Start button > click on search and then type .nd in the search field and hit enter
    • Windows XP: Click on Start button > click on search for specific files or folders. Select all files and folders or part of the file name field, enter *.nd.
  • Click on Search and the delete all the .nd files
  • Click on Start > All Programs > QuickBooks > QuickBooks Database Server Manager.
  • Click on Add Folder. It will open a browse folder window on the Scan Folders tab
  • Expand the folders to check where your company files are saved and then click on OK
  • Once you add all the folders, click on Scan
  • In the QuickBooks company window, Company file list will appear
  • Try to open the file again

Solution 6: Setup your firewall software

If you are unable to set up a firewall with the Connection Diagnostic tool, you can setup the manual setup of firewall:

  • For latest updates and network access to see the required specifications, choose Firewall and Internet security.
  • Perform step by step process to set up your firewall to permit Internet access to the QuickBooks files on every system.

Solution 7: Set up BitDefender to allow QuickBooks communication

  • Open BitDefender 10.0 and select Antivirus
  • Click on Custom level > Click Exclude path under the scan option
  • Click on New Item > Click the mapped drive or UNC path.

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Call Us For Support

We have provided all the possible solutions of QuickBooks Error 80570057 and if you perform the solutions step by step, your issue will be resolved. However, if you are not able to fix it on your own or having any doubts, call us for support through our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 toll free.


QuickBooks Error 80570057: Fix the error with these 7 possible solutions

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