QuickBooks Error 6007 is related to the issue in QuickBooks Sync Manager. This error code  restrict you from opening the QuickBooks software and it is known as one of the most serious issues in QuickBooks that needs to be fixed as soon as possible because it can create some other serious issues as well. This error code occurs when a missing or damaged program file is stored in your computer. QuickBooks sync manager is widely known for its secured synchronization of QuickBooks software with any third-party applications and add-on tools. You can also contact the QuickBooks Enterprise Support team to resolve your company file issues instantly.

What Is QuickBooks Error 6007?

The error code 6007 is also a part of the 6007 error code series in QuickBooks and this error refers to the issues in the QuickBooks Sync Manager. It is a very critical issue that can even create a situation of data loss in QuickBooksThe error code comes up with the following error message:

“Error 6007: There was an error while connecting to your company file: QuickBooks is in single user mode.”

QuickBooks Error Code 6007: Resolution

It is highly recommended to create a backup of your company file before making any major changes in QuickBooks. Because it will allow you to recover all your data in case if something goes wrong. However, if you are looking for the solution for the error code 6007 then you can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Log in to your computer with administrator rights.
  • Now check whether the Company file is being accessed on other system in single user mode or not.
  • Make sure that you have installed all the latest updates for QuickBooks Sync Manager
  • Now you need to reset the Sync Manager
    • Open QuickBooks
    • Head to the Help menu and select Manage Data Sync from the drop down list
    • Click on Reset option
    • Click on OK
  • Open QuickBooks again and login to your account using the appropriate credentials
  • Permit the Sync Manage to do the first sync

Support For QuickBooks 6000 Error Series

The above mentioned steps will easily resolve the error code 6007 in QuickBooks. The steps are recommended by Intuit and can easily be performed even if you don’t have much technical knowledge. However, there can be situations when this error couldn’t be resolved manually and you strictly need QuickBooks experts to resolve your issues. In such cases, you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 toll-free.


QuickBooks Error 6007

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