What Is QuickBooks Error 1911?

QuickBooks is a great accounting software that keeps your accounts organized and helps you in managing finances easily. However, sometimes the software can misbehave and fall into some errors that can be frustrating for you. QuickBooks Error 1911 is one such error that generally occurs during the time of installing or updating your QuickBooks. It comes up with the following error message:

‘Error 1911:  Cannot register type library for file’

Resolve QuickBooks Error 1911

We have mentioned three different steps to resolve the error code 1911 in QuickBooks software. You are supposed to perform the steps properly and sequence wise. You can also contact the QuickBooks Payroll Support team to get instant support for your QuickBooks issues. Steps to resolve QuickBooks Error 1911 are as given below:

Solution 1:

  • Open the Google Chrome and download the PSExec file and extract it to a specific location as per your convenient.
  • Move the QuickBooks installer file in the same folder where you have extracted the above file.
  • Open the command prompt
  • Go to the PSExec/QuickBooks directory
  • Now to resolve the error code 1911, you need to open QuickBooks installation as System by accessing: psexec-i-s [QuickBooks Installer]
  • Follow the prompted steps and the error 1911 must be resolved by this.

Solution 2:

  • Go to the official website of QuickBooks and download install the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool in your system.
  • Before installing the tool, you need to uninstall the Flash Player. To do so, follow the below steps.
    • Open the Control Panel
    • Go to Program and Features
    • Select Flash Player and the click on Uninstall/Change
    • Perform the onscreen steps properly and then restart the your system
  • Now install Flash Player again and then run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool
  • The tool will scan and detect the issues and it will also optimize them accordingly.
  • Now install the QuickBooks software again

Solution 3:

Important: This method requires good technical knowledge of computer and QuickBooks software. You are advised to perform these steps only if you have good technical knowledge or else you are advised to contact a QuickBooks expert to perform this step.

  • Log in to your system as an administrator
  • Press Windows + R to open the Run command
  • In the box, type cmd and then press the Enter key
  • In the command prompt, type Net User Administrator/ Active: Yes or Net User Administrator/Active and press the enter key
  • Go to the desktop
  • Now, again open the command prompt
  • In the black screen, type Net User Administrator/ Active: No and press the enter key
  • Now, go to the folder C:/Program Files/Common Files
  • Right click on Common Files and from the drop-down list, click on Properties
  • Go to Security> Edit> Group/ User Name> Users
  • Right click on Users and then click on Permissions For Users
  • Mark the following options to allow them:
    • Modify
    • Read and Execute
    • List Folder Content
    • Read and Write
  • Click on Apply and then OK
  • Try to install the QuickBooks software again

Get Help For QuickBooks Installation Errors

QuickBooks Error 1911 is a very critical error because it restricts you from installing or updating the QuickBooks software to the latest release. However, the above mentioned will resolve the error code 1911 and you will be able to install or update the QuickBooks software. But in case if the error still persists then you can get in touch with the QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 to get support from the technical support team of getsupportnumber.com.


QuickBooks Error 1911

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