QuickBooks is an accounting software that comes with regular updates to enhance the working experience of its users. But sometimes you may encounter some errors while downloading the important updates for your QuickBooks software. One such error is QuickBooks Error 15102 that comes under the category of update errors in QuickBooks. The error comes up with the following error message:

“ Error 15102: Failed to reset update”

Main Causes Of QuickBooks Error 15102

  • Invalid or inaccessible specified download location
  • Shared download is turned on
  • QBD is open in a terminal services environment in multi-user mode.
  • You are not logged in as Windows Administrator

QuickBooks Update Error 15102: Resolution

The error can also occur due to the outdated version of QuickBooks desktop. So you are required to reset your QuickBooks program to update and download the latest tax table again. You can go through the solution steps to resolve your update issues in QuickBooks manually and update your QuickBooks Desktop to the release. You can also contact the QuickBooks Payroll Support Number for instant support for your issues. The steps to resolve error code 15102 in QuickBooks are as given below:

  • If you are using QuickBooks in multi-user mode then you need to switch to the single user mode
  • Make sure that the mapped file location is correct
    • Press CTRL + 1 to open the Product Information window and note down the mapped location path.
    • Click on help and then Update QuickBooks
    • Now go to the Options tab and ensure that the details in download location is accurate
    • Drive in download location and Product Information should be same if the Shared Download is set to Yes
    • if the Shared Download is set to No then the download location and QuickBooks desktop installation directory should be same
    • If Yes for Shared Download is selected, then select No for Shared Download. Click Save. But if No selected for shared download then choose yes.
    • Click on Save
    • Close the window and download the latest table again
  • Remap the drive to a new letter if the download location is correct
    • Close the company file
    • Remap your network drive to a new letter
    • Use the new mapped-drive letter to open company file
    • Go to the Help menu and then click on Update QuickBooks
    • Go to the Options tab
    • Disable the Shared Download and then enable it again
    • Ensure that the download location is using the new mapped-drive letter
    • Click on Save and close the window
    • Try to download the latest tax table again
  • Open QuickBooks as an windows administrator if you are facing issues in Windows Vista
    • Right click on the QuickBooks icon and click on Run as Administrator from the drop-down list.
    • When the UAC asks you to run the software, click on Continue
    • Reset the QuickBooks updates

Fix QuickBooks Update Error 15102

The above mentioned steps will allow you to get rid of the error code 15102 in QuickBooks. But if you are still facing the error while updating the QuickBooks or payroll then you can get in touch with customer support team of Intuit.

In case if the support team of Intuit couldn’t be reached then you can get in touch with an independent QuickBooks ProAdvisors. Getsupportnumber.com is one such organization that can fix all your QuickBooks issues. To reach out to our support team, you need to dial the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446.


QuickBooks Error 15102: Fix Update Error In QuickBooks

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