QuickBooks Desktop comes with three different versions, QuickBooks Pro, Premier & Enterprise. You can purchase any of them as per your business requirements. However, sometimes you may want to upgrade your downgrade your QuickBooks subscription. QuickBooks allows you to switch you QuickBooks version at any point of time. You can convert your QuickBooks Enterprise data to QuickBooks Pro or Premier but unfortunately it can’t be done anyone who is just using QuickBooks to manage their business. It requires expertise interference because it is a very complex process and even a small mistake can lead to data damages issues in QuickBooks.

The data services team is highly experienced when it comes to migrating data from one accounting software to another. We don’t use any third-party application to migrate your data. We only use the guidelines provided by Intuit for QuickBooks Data Migration.

Possible Errors While Converting From Enterprise To Premier Or Premier

  • Your current QuickBooks Enterprise Database should be valid to be able to get converted to Premier/Pro.
    • If your QuickBooks Enterprise file contains 14,500 or more names, you won’t be able to convert your database.
  • Is there any data corruption issues in your current database?
    • If there are any kind of corruptions in your QuickBooks database, you won’t be able to convert your QuickBooks version.
  • Does your file exceed the allowed file size limit?
    • Intuit has assigned maximum 2 GB file size for a QuickBooks Enterprise file. If your current file size is more than this, you won’t be able to migrate your data.
    • Intuit recommends that the file size should be bigger than 500 MB to avoid any kind of issues related to your company files.

Making The Move From Enterprise

To switch from QuickBooks Enterprise to Pro/Premier, you need to purchase a new license for QuickBooks Pro/Premier and then you need to install and activate QuickBooks properly.

If you are switching to Pro/Premier from Enterprise, it means that you are downgrading your software. You will lose all the features and functions that are available in the Enterprise version. You will only be able to add up-to 3 users in QuickBooks Pro and up-to 5 users in QuickBooks Premier version.

The files can be restored in your Pro or Premier edition and you will be able to access all the data in your new version. Also, you can create a new company file in Pro/Premier edition and then start using it as per your requirement.

Service Features

We provide a complete data conversion of your QuickBooks Desktop. Once we are done with the conversion, we will send you Pro/Premier file. You will be able to resume your work from the point where you left earlier, and you don’t have to re-enter or any corrections in your data.

  • Entire financial and non-financial transactions that includes A/R, A/P, payroll, purchase orders, estimated, and all other transactions.
  • We convert all the links between transactions, like the payments applied to invoices.
  • All the lists including:
    • Accounts
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Employees
    • Items
    • Classes
    • Lists

How Does The Conversion Work?

  • Purchase your QuickBooks Premier version and then upload your Enterprise company on the server.
  • Our team will start converting your Enterprise data to Pro/Premier and will send you the file in the given period of time.

Supported Versions

The current company file should be from QuickBooks Enterprise Version 6.0 – 20.0.

We will send your data in all the supported versions of QuickBooks Pro/premier.

The QuickBooks version needs to be the same or updated than your current Enterprise version.

There are various third-party applications and tools that you can use to convert your data, but we firmly believe that your data needs to be safe and secure. Some of the third-party application may harm your data and the bigger issue is that you won’t be able to restore your data if you use any third-party application.