QuickBooks is a well known accounting solution program for managing your accounts but sometimes it might run into some errors for various reasons. One such error that our customer support team has reported so often is QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel.

QuickBooks accounting software is widely known for its ability to manage the accounting tasks. Its user-friendly interface allows you easily manage your business plans, preparing spreadsheets and invoices, filing taxes etc.

QuickBooks accounting software comes with so many features and functions that can boost up your business growth and it also minimize the chances of any mistake in the accounts. It keeps your business details safe and secure and also you can access your company files from anywhere using your login credentials.

There can be some situations when the software starts getting errors for some reasons and it doesn’t let you work on your accounts properly. One if the problem is ‘QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel’. This error usually occurs when you upgrade your QuickBooks application but the update wasn’t done properly and you start facing the issue whenever you try to Export your data to Excel.

Causes Of QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel

  1. MS Excel software is Corrupted
  2. Damaged installation of QuickBooks software
  3. File registry is not working the way it supposed to.

Steps To Resolve The Error

Follow the below mentioned steps in order to solve the QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel error:

  1. Go to the Customer Center and choose Transactions from the Transaction Pane.
  2. Select the transaction for transaction journal from the Transactions list
  3. Choose your transaction journal
  4. Tap on the Excel button and create a new worksheet and export this to excel.
  5. Make sure you first open the Item List and then your report
  6. Select List and Open Item List
  7. Select and Open the Report you want to open from Report Menu.
  8. Click on the email button and then select Export to Excel option. Now select Excel or email as excel from the drop-down list.

Permission By Export

  • Bank Transaction Export: You can use Bank Transaction Export to export before exporting a file to QuickBooks.
  • Bills Export: Bills Export convert as .csv or .iif file and then further exports these files to your QuickBooks
  • Calendar Export: You can export calendar items to another application.
  • Contact Notes Export: Through this option, you can export all your contacts and contacts notes in clio.

QuickBooks Freezes When Exporting To Excel: Causes

Errors like QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel can be a resulted due to various factors. We have already mentioned about the solutions for it but here you also need to know the reason behind the error to fix it properly. Below we have mentioned three basic causes that we have found at the time when QuickBooks Crashes:

  1. More than one account has the similar description like QuickBooks but the account type is different from QuickBooks.
  2. The accounting CS account number doesn’t match with QuickBooks due to which the accounts can’t be identified that are used for exporting the transactions.
  3. The account and accounting CS explanations doesn’t match with QuickBooks.

Get Support For QuickBooks

If you are not able to fix the error even after performing the above steps properly, you can call us at QuickBooks Support team. Our experienced QuickBooks Pro Advisors will help you in resolving the issue in no time. You can get in touch with us at QuickBooks Customer Support by dialing our toll free number +1805-900-6410.

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QuickBooks Crashes When Exporting To Excel: 8 Easy Steps To Fix It.

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