Repair Corrupt QuickBooks POS System

QuickBooks comes with so many integrated applications that are used along with the QuickBooks. QuickBooks Point of Sale is one such application which is being used by a large number of business owners because it helps in business owners, boosting up the growth of the business, increasing profits etc. QuickBooks POS comes with a bunch of great features such as inventory tracking, instant checkouts, reporting tools, multiple location mobility etc.

QuickBooks POS is undoubtedly a great application but it is also surrounded by some errors that can affect your work whenever they appear. One of the main and frustrating issue is the ‘QuickBooks POS System gets corrupted’ error. This error needs a quick resolution otherwise it won’t let you work on your QuickBooks POS application.

Reasons Behind The POS System Corruption

The main reason behind this QuickBooks Point of Sale error can be the firewall issues and sometimes it might be occurring due to the POS database corruption. We have mentioned some of the symptoms of corrupted database that will help you in getting the causes of the error.

  1. The database is totally safe and secure if you can run the POS on the server workstation or any of the other POS client system.
  2. Your data base might be corrupted if the POS was not able open from a client workstation. There can be some firewall or connectivity issue.
  3. You need to make sure that the server workstation is in multi user mode if you are pairing to POS database from a client workstation.

How To Fix The POS Error

Follow the given below steps in order to fix the POS error:

  1. Open windows explorer and follow the given path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX.0\DatabaseServer
  2. Click on the QBDBMgrN10.exe file
  3. Now the PS-SBmgr window will appear on the screen
  4. Locate your company file. Usually it is located in: C:\Users\Public\Documents\Intuit\QuickBooks Point of Sale XX.0\Data\Company Name\qbpos.db
  5. Mention Options: Box, -F and click on OK
  6. You will receive an error message in case if your database is corrupt.
  7. If not then it will be closed and if there is an error then it says: “Waiting for connection” at the end.

Get In Touch For Instant QB Support

If get the error message even after performing the steps the you urgently need to contact the QuickBooks Customer Support to repair your data. You can also contact them through QuickBooks Live Chat Support.

If you could not contact the QuickBooks Support then you can also contact if you are looking for an instant support. Their experienced technical support team will provide you the best technical support. Just call their toll free number +1-866-701-7446 and get your issue resolved.


QuickBooks Corrupt File: How To Repair The Same With Ease

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