What Is QuickBooks Condense Error?

QuickBooks Condense Error generally occurs when you try to archive your data files. The error says that QuickBooks will not condense your data file. There can be various other error codes that appear on the screen in following manner:

  • QuickBooks encountered a system error when trying to archive your data file. QuickBooks will not condense your data file. The Error is- An unspecified error (error 80504005). Please try the operation again.
  • QuickBooks encountered an error & was unable to successfully complete the Condense process. Your company file has been restored to its original state.
  • Unable to run the QuickBooks. Clean Up Company Data Utility
  • QuickBooks Condense Freezes
  • Transaction held because this transaction has not been paid
  • Transaction held because the funds are not yet deposited
  • Transaction held because this transaction is ‘Linked’ to the above outer-level transaction.

Causes Of QuickBooks Condense Error

The data errors occur while rebuilding and verifying. Looking at the causes of this error, you can repair the source transaction. If you repair the corrupt QuickBooks files then you can run verify process and then you will get the following message on your screen:

“QuickBooks detected no problems with your data”

It says that the file is repaired now and can be used. Also if a file has a negative inventory and negative quantity then they cannot be condensed. To do so, you are required to repair the negative inventory first.

Limitations Of Condensed Transactions

  • If the condensed data of payroll transactions are from the previous year then they can’t be removed
  • Payroll transactions could not be removed if the employee’s W2 is not reviewed
  • Any invoice, payments, credit memos and Refund Checks that are not correctly linked to one another.
  • Payments records of Undeposited Funds
  • Bill Payments, Bills and Bill Credits that are not properly linked to each other
  • Estimates that are linked to invoices
  • If the Sales Tax is not paid in the “Pay sales tax” dialogue box. Make sure that if you are paying your sales tax through checks then your invoices should be opened. You need to replace the checks with Sales Tax Payment.
  • You can’t remove any transaction which is linked to the Non-condensable transactions.

How To Fix QuickBooks Condense Error?

If we talk about the manual resolution of this error then it is a fact that this error cannot be resolve manually because it is considered as one of the most critical error that can only be resolved by the QuickBooks Experts. We also don’t recommend you to resolve this error manually because it requires advanced knowledge of computer.

If you require to resolve the condense error in QuickBooks then you need to get in touch with the technical support team of getsupportnumber.com by dialing the QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 toll-free.


QuickBooks Condense Error

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