In this article, we will be telling you about the Accountant’s File Transfer Service (ACFT). This service can be very beneficial for ProAdvisors and QuickBooks users both. This article will give you answers for some frequently asked questions regarding Accountant’s Copy File Transfer (ACFT).

What Is An Accountant’s Copy?

QuickBooks Desktop allows your clients to share a copy of their data to their accountant or tax preparer. This helps your accountant to work in the latest fiscal periods when the client keeps working in the ongoing year.

What is the Accountant’s Copy transfer service?

QuickBooks Desktop allows your accountants and clients to exchange Accountant’s Copy file through Intuit’s secure servers.

Both clients and accountants can send Accountant’s Copies in QuickBooks 2017, 18, and 19 versions.

How do I use this service?

Using this service basically depends on whether you are a client or an accountant.

For some details regarding the use of this service, go through the following links:

  • Clients: Create an accountant’s copy to send to your accountant
  • Accountants: Accountant’s copy overview

How much is this service?

Through accountant’s file transfer service allows ProAdvisors to assist without any additional charges. If you are just a normal QuickBooks user, this service can be purchased for $9.95 per year.

You know more about this service by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number +1-866-701-7446.

Is there still a free option?

Yes, the Accountant’s File Transfer Service comes with a free option as well. Accountant and client can still exchange QuickBooks Accountant Copy files through general sharing methods like email or external media (like Flash Drive, External Hard Drive, or Optical Disc).

Does my client have to buy a subscription to send me their file?

There are no charges for your client to send an Accountant’s Copy file to you over Intuit’s server. Also, there are charges for your clients when they receive and import your changes.

The charges-based file transfer services is for QuickBooks users, accountants and it includes the download of accountant’s copy file from Intuit Server and share the changes through Accountant’s Copy import file.

If I have multiple licenses in my office, how do I activate the Accountant’s Copy service on the other licenses?

ProAdvisors have the option to avail a free subscription for all the QuickBooks Accountant Edition and QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant Edition licenses offered to your ProAdvisor Membership.

The service will be free in case if the licenses are “added onto” your ProAdvisor for the additional licenses owned by your firm.

If you require assistance for additional licensed for your firm, you can connect with our Intuit QuickBooks Support at +1-866-701-7446 toll-free.

Why did I get a warning that I need to subscribe to the service?

This warning message may appear due to following reasons:

  • You tried using ACFT service, but you don’t have a valid subscription for it.
  • You have a subscription of Accountant’s Copy File Transfer service, but you haven’t synced your QuickBooks Desktop license with Intuit’s server.

To get a new license for ACFT service, you can become a ProAdvisor.

If you’ve already purchased a subscription, but the license is not synced, you need to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Run your QuickBooks company file and from the main menu, go to Help.
  • Click on Manage My License and then select Sync License Data Online.

Your license data is synched on Intuit servers.

What if a client sent me a link to download their Accountant’s Copy transfer file, but the link expired?

If a client shares a link with you to an Accountant’s Copy transfer file, you can download the file within two weeks. This link will get expired if you don’t download the file within two weeks.

You won’t be able to recover the file using that link and you need to contact your client to send file again.

For more information, see Troubleshoot Accountant File Transfer service issues.

Still In Doubt?

Hopefully, you find this article helpful and you have a clear idea about Account’s File Transfer Service. This service allows you to share your accountant file to your client or accountant. However, if you are still in doubt or you are facing any issue with the Accountant’s File Transfer Service, you can connect with our ProAdvisors by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 and get your issues resolved.

QuickBooks Accountant’s File Transfer Service

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