A QSW Error in QuickBooks Desktop is a common error that can be faced when your QuickBooks company file contains more than 11 characters. It may also appear when the My Documents folder is redirected to a new or alternate location over a drive. You usually get the following errors while opening the QuickBooks Statement Writer (QSW).

  • Unsupported Folder Location
  • Office document customization is not available.
  • The customization assembly could not be found or could not be loaded. You can still edit and save the document. Contact your administrator or the author of this document for further assistance.

You need to follow the steps provided in this article to get these errors resolved.


Before you perform the 2nd or 3rd  Solution, you need to ensure whether you are running on Client Server mode or Terminal Server mode.

  • If you are on Client Server mode:
  • If you are on Terminal or Citrix mode: You should be having Domain Administrator access to run QSW. If the Domain Admin password is unavailable, you need to install QuickBooks on the system and open the file via Client Server. Once you are done, you can move to the solution step.

Solution 1: Rename your company file

Make sure your company file name is less than 11 characters. If it is not:

  • Locate the QuickBooks Company File (QBW) and count how many characters it contains.
  • If the name contains more than 11 characters, you need to rename the company file to less than 11 characters.
  • Open Statement Writer.

Solution 2: Correct redirects and run the Network Fix Tool

Important: You should have the admin access to perform these steps successfully.

  • If you get the Office Documentation Customization error on your screen, open QSW.
  • Close QSW.
  • From the Reports menu, choose QuickBooks Statement Writer and then Preferences and Formats.
  • Make sure that the reports & templates points are to the right network:
    • If the My Documents folder is redirected, you will be shown the redirected server path. If it is not redirected, you need to specify the path as per your requirement.
    • If the C:\ drive is listed and you wish to assign it to the network drive where the My Documents folder is redirected, the path needs to be assigned that you got in the 1st step. However, if it is a local drive you can choose any driver as you want. NOTE: The QuickBooks Statement Writer won’t create folders using the Preferences window and you need to create 3 new folders manually.
      • The top level folder should be named as Intuit.
      • Now, under the Intuit folder, you need to create a Statement Writer
      • Now, create a Templates folder inside the Statement Writer folder.
    • Close the Preferences window by clicking on OK.
    • Download and install the ISW Network Fix Tool.
    • Run the tool and start the scan. The tool will automatically scan and apply required solutions.

If you still get the same issue, you need to move onto the 3rd solution.

Solution 3: Run the second QSW Network Fix Tool (Secondary)

These steps are to be performed on each connected workstation where QSW access is required.

  • Open the Secondary ISW Network Fix tool and perform the scan.
  • Open the QuickBooks Statement Writer again once the issue is resolved.


  • When the ISW Fix Tool completes its process and the My Documents is changed to a network location, you need to perform Solution 2 again.
  • In case the My Documents folder is redirected back to the local drive, you don’t have to run the Fix Tool again.
  • If you use a Terminal Services/Citrix environment, you have to ensure that the ISWprefs.ini file doesn’t get removed when you log yourself out. The file is saved in C:\Documents and Settings\USER NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Intuit\Statement Writer or C:\Users\USER NAME\AppData\Local\Intuit\Statement Writer (if your are using Windows 7, Vista or Server 2008. Important: You can contact your IT professional to get additional help).
  • If the tool doesn’t help in a normal windows user, run the tool with administrator rights.

Technical Help For QuickBooks Errors & Issues

The provided solutions should be sufficient for you in resolving the QSW Error: Office Document Customization is not available. As we have already said that it is a common QuickBooks error that may be caused due to a long company file name. However, if the above 3 solutions didn’t help you in resolving the error, there are chances that the QuickBooks Statement Writer is have some errors. In such situations, you need to connect with our technical assistance team through our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 and get instant help for the issue.

QSW Error: Office Document Customization Is Not Available

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