This article will help you to understand the use of Purchase Order Management Worksheet in QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise edition.

A Purchase order management worksheet allows you to determine the received purchase orders that are sent to the QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse app. It also helps you to record your purchase orders as per site, status, or vendor.

Enable Purchase Order Management Worksheet

To get started with the Purchase Order Management Worksheet, the first thing you need to do is to enable this feature. If the Enhanced Inventory Receiving (EIR) option is disabled, the purchase order management worksheet can easily be enabled from the advanced inventory settings.

Important: If the EIR feature is already enabled, you have to restore a backup of your QuickBooks Company File to the point when this feature was not enabled. This is important because all your data will vanish after you disable the EIR feature.

  • From the Edit menu, choose Preferences
  • Choose Items & Inventory and then go to Company Preferences
  • Click on Advanced Inventory Settings and then go to Site Operations.
  • Put a checkmark on Enable Purchase Order Management Worksheet checkbox and then click on OK.

Use Purchase Order Management Worksheet

You get two tabs on the purchase order management worksheet. The purchase orders allows you to keep a track of your purchase orders, whereas the PO progress tab helps you in modifying or recording the purchase order status.

Purchase Orders Tab

  • From the Inventory menu, choose Purchase Order Management Worksheet
  • Go to the Purchase Orders tab and put a checkmark of PO that you wish to receive.
  • Assign a receiving bin folder if you have enabled the multiple inventory site.
  • Click on Send to Device drop-down and choose a way to you want to go further.
    • Send to Device transfers information to the app or scanner.
    • Print & Receive prints the worksheet for manual receiving.
  • A receiving employee can also be assigned, or you can add a note if required.
  • Click on Send or Print.

PO Progress Tab

  • From the Inventory menu, choose Purchase Order Management Worksheet.
  • Go to the PO Progress tab and then choose the purchase tab in which you will be making modifications.
  • From the Actions drop-down options, choose the way you want to move ahead.
    • If you choose View Receive list, a form to manually receive items will show up.
    • If you choose Create Items Receipt option, an item receipt for the purchase order you have selected will automatically be created.
    • If you choose Create Bill, a bill for the selected purchase order will automatically be created.

Use Purchase Order Management Worksheet Manually

Using this worksheet doesn’t require any app or scanner. You can just print the worksheet and mark receipts off by following steps:

  • The purchase order list is printed by the warehouse manage to transfer it to the receiving agent.
  • All the items received by the agent will be marked and then the items will be returned to the purchase order list to the warehouse manager.
  • Every single list will be updated by the warehouse manager and the received quantity will be added.
  • Warehouse manage will choose from Create bill or Create receipts to get done with the process.

Purchase Order Status

  • If the status is Sent for Receiving, the purchase is sent to receive.
  • If the status shows Received, the purchase order is received and yet to be billed.
  • If the status shows Complete, the purchase order was successfully received and billed.

The provided solutions should help you to use the Purchase Order Management worksheet easily. If you are having any kind of issue or have some queries regarding the purchase orders, you can connect with our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-324-6955 and get instant solutions for all your QuickBooks issues.

Use The Purchase Order Management Worksheet In QuickBooks

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