If you use QuickBooks to manage your business, you must be aware of the fact that QuickBooks stores important data of your business. It’s your duty to keep your QuickBooks payment accounts secured. In this article, we will be giving you some important tips to prevent suspicious activity or identity theft in your QuickBooks Payments account.

Suspicious activities and identify theft have now become one of the major concerns of industry. You need to follow the guidelines to ensure that your QuickBooks account is safe.


Phishing is the act of stealing important information from your account such as username and passwords by pretending as a trustworthy sender.

Phishing emails

Important: Intuit or QuickBooks never asks for sensitive info in an email.

Phishing emails pretends to be the trusted brands of concerned field and the email prompts you to log into your QuickBooks account. Ensure that your account is prevented from any other threats. Whenever you receive such email, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Ask yourself:
    • Is the sender’s email address is associated with the concerned organization?
    • Check if there are any grammatical or spelling mistakes in the message.
    • Is the tone consistent with what you would expect from the sender?
    • Does the email ask you to click on the link urgently?
    • The mail contains some threatening message that you may lose access to your access.
  • Before you click on the link given in the email, you need to ensure that the link is a trusted site such as quickbooks.com or www.intuit.com. If it is looking suspicious, search for the site in a search engine. If the link is not authorized, don’t click on it.
  • Visit our security page to get latest security updates on phishing attacks.

Monitor your account activity

You should check users often that have access to your account in QuickBooks account or the Merchant Service Center website. Go to the Account tab and then select Users to see the list of users.

Now, from the Activity & Reports section, click on Transaction to verify whether there’s any transaction(s) that you don’t recognize.

If you’ve identified a bank account change notification that wasn’t initiated by you, call us at +1800-567-0425.

Dispute in a QuickBooks Payments Account

If you realize that the email might harm your QuickBooks Payments account, you need to do the following:

  • Call us at 800-567-0425.
  • Change all your passwords on all your online and email accounts.
  • Validate whether your contact information is updated on all the online accounts. Ensure that the contact info doesn’t contain any unknown phone number or email address.
  • Change the passwords on all your online and email accounts.
  • Put a fraud alert. Contact the Intuit Support
  • Ensure that your system and server security was not at stake.
  • Keep a check on your online accounts, account info, and credit report.

Identity theft

In case you personal or business information in compromised, those info can be used to steal your money from your accounts, create new accounts, avail services on your behalf, and commit other crimes using your identity.

Account Passwords

You can secure your account from any suspicious activity, always use secured account password. Follow the below-mentioned tips to secure your account:

  • Use a different and strong password for your email address and Intuit account. This will ensure that your account is secured.
  • Make sure you don’t share the admin password with other.
  • Regularly change your password after 90-100 days.

A strong password must:

  • Contain more than 8 characters.
  • Have a combination of lower case, upper case, a number, and a special character such as ~!@#$%^&*()_+=?><.,/
  • Now contain a word or date related to your name, family names or birth dates.
  • Have a combination of unusual lower and upper cases, numbers, and special characters. You can also keep some misspelled words because they are not in the dictionary but make sure that you yourself don’t forget it.
  • not be your name, address or phone number or any other information that can easily be identified.
  • not be the same with other online accounts

Whenever a suspicious activity is reported by you, you should connect with our support department by dialing the toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-567-0425. You will get your account back within few business days. However, if there are some amount debited from your account, we are not responsible to return you the amount.

Protect Your QuickBooks Payments Account From Suspicious Activity

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