Are you facing issues while using the Payments features in QuickBooks Desktop, but the same process can be accessed properly outside QuickBooks? If yes, then this issue can occur because of some issues in your network or system (e.g. router settings, damaged security application).

Note: QuickBooks always uses Internet Explorer as your default browser even if you have set a different browser as your default one. It runs the ieexplore.exe file whenever required.

There are several configurations of IE that can cause issues while accessing QB Payments related components from within QuickBooks like:

  • Web page freezes
  • Remote server response has reported an error
  • Page cannot be displayed
  • Navigation to web page has been canceled
  • Problem downloading deposits, fees or payments
  • Problems processing a credit card or check transaction(s)
  • Updates not applying
  • QuickBooks Payments buttons or links not working
  • Notification messages missing
  • Problems scanning checks or submitting eChecks
  • Activity indicator does not go away, stays at “connecting”
  • Error: Canceled communications with remote server

Resolving QuickBooks Payments Related Issues

Follow the steps below to resolve issues.

Ensure that the Internet Explorer is appropriately configured for QuickBooks Payments feature so that the issues can be resolved (see Configure Internet Explorer to work with QuickBooks payments and related applications).

Irrelevant data in your Internet Explorer such as temporary files, cookies, and cache can also cause various issues if the acquire too much space or if they have become corrupted. You Clear the Internet Explorer temp files, cookies and browsing history.

Irrespective of what internet browser you have set as your default one in your system, QuickBooks always uses Internet Explorer for any kind of payment or other functionalities. If you are facing any Payments related issues, you can set Internet Explorer as your default browser and then try to use Payments services.

You can also face issues while accessing Payments features due to corrupted data files of QuickBooks Desktop. You can resolve damaged data file issues by using verify & rebuild data utility or QuickBooks File Doctor Tool.

Sometime security or firewall applications can also restrict QuickBooks from accessing some online features such as QuickBooks Payments. You need to configure Firewall Security Settings For QuickBooks Desktop to resolve QuickBooks Payments feature issues.

Reach Us For QuickBooks Support

Following the above steps provided in this article will surely be helpful for you in resolving issues Accessing Payments Features From Within QuickBooks. However, if you still can’t resolve issues and facing errors again, you can connect with our support department by just dialing toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446.

Problem Accessing Payments Features From Within QuickBooks

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