Sales tax is one of the most important part of business to maintain a flow of your business. You have to collect taxes for goods and services that you are providing. QuickBooks Desktop allows you manage your pay sales tax easily and you can keep an accurate record of all kinds sales that will help you in monitoring those taxes to correct tax collecting agency.

This article is a part of series on Sales Tax. In this series, we have covered all the usual workflows in QuickBooks Desktop.

It also helps you complete other sales tax-related tasks.

If you face any issue regarding sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop, you can refer to Resolve common sales tax issues.

Once you are done with setting up and processing sales tax, you are ready to pay sales tax for your business. But before that, you need to run a sales tax liability report which will help you in filling your state/provincial state tax forms.

Make sure you Don’t run the Write Checks or Pay Bills window to pay your sales tax as it can lead to some mistakes in bookkeeping or sales tax report.

You have to pay sales tax through the Pay Sales Tax window in QuickBooks. In this window, you are shown:

  • Sales tax amount you owe for the sales tax items you have used.
  • Any kind of changes done by you that should be applied to your payments.

Pay Your Sales Tax

  • From the main menu, select Vendors > Sales Tax > Pay Sales Tax.
  • Click on the Pay From Account drop-down and choose the checking amount you will be using to pay tax. Only the bank accounts are displayed in this drop-down.
  • Review the date entered in the Show sales tax due through
  • In the Starting Check No. Ensure your check number is matching to the upcoming check you will be using.
  • The list displays entire list you owe, the correct tax agency applicable to pay and the due amount till that date. If you don’t see any sales tax in the list, it means the sales tax wasn’t set up properly.
  • Go to the Amt Paid section and provide an amount to you want to pay for each tax item on the list to process a partial payment.
  • To process a payment for entire due tax amount, you need to select Pay All Tax It is required only when the tax agencies are from similar payment schedule. The Pay All Tax option will be converted as Clear Selections the moment you put a checkmark on the Pay section.
  • Click on Adjust if you want make changes to a credit, fine, etc.
  • Mark the To be printed checkbox to print or hand write the checks later and then click on OK.

To check all your sales tax transactions of to add memos to the sales tax, you can view and make changes to them in the agency’s sales tax payable account register.

Still In Confusion About Paying Sales Tax?

The steps offered in this article should be helpful for you in paying sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop. If you are still in confusion regarding setting up or paying sales tax in QuickBooks Desktop, you can get connected with our QuickBooks Support department by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1850-308-2863 to get instant solutions for your QuickBooks issues.

Pay Sales Tax In QuickBooks Desktop

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