You can configure your E-mail services for your QuickBooks Desktop services to send and receive invoices, reports, product sale etc. There are various options to configure email services for the desktop version of QuickBooks. But sometimes you might see a message that says: Outlook Is Not An Option In QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences.

QuickBooks has provided email options that includes Outlook, Webmail and QuickBooks’ own email. But sometimes you may not find all three options together because it provides different options for different versions.

Outlook Is Not An Option In QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences

This error restricts you from operating outlook through QuickBooks. So you need to know the main reason behind it:


  • Present version of Outlook is not compatible with the QuickBooks Desktop version. In this case you need to update your QuickBooks Desktop.
  • You are using older version of Outlook.
  • Outlook is not your default email
  • Outlook isn’t installed in your computer or the integration is not in sync.
  • Outlook is not set as the default email in the Internet Explorer.

Steps To Fix QuickBooks Outlook Issue

The error does not pop up when you click edit> send form> my preference. This means you are not using outlook as an emailing option in your QuickBooks. In order to fix this issue, follow the given steps:

Solution 1: use Outlook as default

  • Click on ‘Tools’ and the select ‘Options’
  • Choose another tab
  • Click ‘General Setting’ and then click on the Option and set ‘Outlook as default program for email’
  • Click on the File option in your browser
  • Click on the ‘Option’
  • Click on the Startup option and then select “Make Outlook the default program for Email, Contact and Calendar checkbox”.

You need to go to the second step in case if the If the message, Outlook Is Not An Option In QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences still pops up within your browser:

Solution 2: Outlook version is supported by your system or not…

  • Click on the “About Microsoft Office” option from the Microsoft Outlook Help Menu
  • Check for the installed version of Outlook in your system by going unto the version information
  • You also need to check the version of outlook by clicking on the Outlook ribbon from the QuickBooks.

Solution 3: In the windows, try to edit the mail profile settings.

  • Close QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on Start and then go to the Control Panel
  • Search email in the control panel.
  • Click on the mail
  • Click on Show Profile from the email setup
  • Select ‘Always Use This’
  • Now click on OK
  • Now try to use Outlook as an email in QuickBooks

Solution 4: WIN.INI file may not be configured properly

  • Click on Start button and then enter C:\Windows\
  • Press Enter key
  • Right click on WIN>INI file
  • Copy the file and paste it to a different location
  • Create a backup of the INI file on another location
  • Now go back to C:\Windows\ and open WIN>INI file
  • Find the MAIL file from several other files. If you don’t see any mail option then you are required to add it with the text given below:
    • [MAIL]
    • MAPI=1
    • MAPIX=1
  • Click in Save and close the file once you edit it properly
  • Close QuickBooks and open it again. Then go to Edit > Preferences > Check The Send Form Preferences.

Reach Us:

If the above mentioned steps didn’t fix this email issue and Outlook is still not an option in QuickBooks send forms preferences, you can call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1805-900-6410 toll free.

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Outlook Is Not An Option In QuickBooks Send Forms Preferences

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