This article will help you to run Intuit Data Protect to check the Backup Status, view Backup History, or change Backup Settings. If you are having some issues with your Intuit Data Protect tool then you can visit fix common Intuit Data Protect (IDP) Issues to resolve all those issues or else, you can also get in touch with us at out QuickBooks Support department to get support services.

Open Intuit Data Protect

  • From the bottom right corner of your Windows taskbar, locate the green padlock icon of Intuit Data Protect.
  • Right-click the icon and then click on Open Intuit Data Protect.

View Backup History

When you select View Backup History then you will get a Backup Detail page that contains a chronological list of your backups sorted as oldest to newest. Go through the history to locate the date and timestamp of the backup entry you are searching for.

  • Run Intuit Data Protect.
  • From the main Intuit Data Protect window, click on View Backup

Change Backup Settings

Selecting Change Backup Settings allows you to add or remove files from your backup set and modify your email notification preferences.

  • Open Intuit Data Protect and then click on Change backup settings.
  • Select the files that you want to back up from the Select QuickBooks Data window and then click on

Note: If you have Entire PC subscription then you also need to choose additional folders for which you want a backup and then click on Continue.

  • Click on Continue and choose to get notified or not on the Notifications Email Settings window.
  • Click on Continue after selecting a backup time.
  • Click on Continue to save changes and then close the setting window.

Get Instant Support For QuickBooks

Intuit Data Protect can be very handy in some situations when you could not create a backup of your data or you forget to create it. However, sometimes you can face some issues with the Intuit Data Protect tool when it doesn’t create a backup on scheduled date or time. In such scenarios, you can look out for technical support by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Number +188-396-0208 and get your issues resolved instantly.

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Open Intuit Data Protect To Check Backup Status, View Backup History, Or Change Backup Settings

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