This article will help you to resolve the “There are no new transactions available” error message. This message occurs when you try to import a Web Connect (.qbo) from your bank’s site.

Causes Of This Issue

You can get this message due to the following reasons:

  • They’re not new transactions available in the Web Connect file.
  • The transaction you are trying to import was already imported.
  • Your Web Connect (.QBO) statement covers dates previously imported into the company file.
  • Damaged or corrupted QuickBooks company file.

How To Resolve The Issue?

Steps to resolve the “No new transactions” issue are as given below:

Solution 1: Check the dates

You need to make sure that the date range for the web connect file you imported is correct and also make sure that it doesn’t overlap. For example, if you have downloaded and imported transactions for August 1-30 successfully, make sure that the date range for the download is of 1st September or later.

Solution 2: Switch to the Register mode

  • From the main menu of QuickBooks, go to Edit > Preferences.
  • Select Checking from the left pane and then go to the Company Preferences
  • From the Bank Feeds section, select Classic Mode (Register Mode).
  • Click on OK.

Solution 3: Try downloading in a test company file

  • Go to the File menu of QuickBooks and then select New Company.
  • Select Express Start.
  • On the test company, you just created, add to the Chart of Accounts in the bank account you are having issues.
  • Set up the account for Bank Feeds.
  • Download Bank Feed transactions to test the account.

If new transactions download into this new file: The issue is probably with the bank account or the company file. You need to go to Solution 4, or you can also try to resolve data damage on your QuickBooks company file.

If new transactions don’t show up in the new file: The issue is with the Web Connect file and for this, you need to go to Solution 5.

Solution 4: Deactivate, create new, merge then reactivate

  • Deactivate Bank Feeds for an account
  • Create a new bank account in QuickBooks.
    • From the main menu, go to Lists > Chart of Accounts.
    • Right-click anywhere in the Chart of Accounts window and click on New from the drop-down options.
    • For Account Type, click on Bank.
    • Provide the name of the bank in the Account Name field.
    • Select Save & Close.
  • Rename the old account with the name of the new account to merge two accounts.
    • Right-click the old account and click on Edit from the drop-down.
    • Type the name of the new account in the Account Name field.
    • Click on Yes to the Merge warning dialog box.
  • Set up the merged account for Bank Feeds.

Solution 5: Review the web connect (.qbo) download for obvious errors

  • Download and save the .qbo file to your Desktop.
  • Modify the .QBO file by right-clicking on the file and select Open with > Notepad (or Excel).
  • Check the download for common errors and remove all the invalid characters. Check if there are any ampersands (&) and other invalid character strings.
  • Add or Edit missing data. All Tags should have data.

The remaining payee information will appear in the MEMO field if there are more than 32 characters in the payee NAME field. QuickBooks doesn’t auto-match payee details that are showing in the MEMO field. You need to match these transactions manually.

The transaction won’t be imported if the .qbo file is missing the bank identification information.

  • Click your QuickBooks version to find the unique BID information for your bank:
  • Search for your banks official name by pressing CTRL + F keys. Note down the 5 digit number in the left hand column for entry.
  • Save the .QBO file.
  • Create a backup of your data file before start importing.
    • Test importing the corrected .QBO file into the test file created in Solution 3.
    • If you get formatting errors, report them to your bank for resolution for future downloads.

If the solutions above fail to resolve the problem:

  • Contact your bank.
    • The financial institution is liable for the .QBO download format and content. If the format of .QBO file is not proper, there can be various unexpected errors and results from Intuit.
    • Banks have a support channel: All the US and Canadian banks that supports download or import in QuickBooks contains a Merchant Service Agreement with Intuit through
    • You can ask for a bank representative who is familiar with QuickBooks Online Banking and account activation to get a proper assistance.
    • You need to provide the exact error message to your bank along with a copy of the problem download file for review.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Desktop

If you still facing problems while Sending, Receiving, Downloading or Importing Webconnect files and didn’t get a decent solution from your bank, collect online banking log files and contact our technical support department by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Tech Support Number +1-866-701-7446 and get instant solution for your issues.

Message: “No New Transactions” When Importing Web Connect File

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