QuickBooks POS is a great solution for retails especially for small and medium sized business owners. But sometimes, you might face some issues while working on the software. One such issue is the Internal Server Error in QuickBooks POS. There can be different causes and scenarios why this error is occurring in the software. In this article, we are going to discuss about the causes and resolutions of this internal server error in QuickBooks POS.

QuickBooks POS is very useful application but it is also not totally free from errors. You might come across some issues that can affect your work flow. The internal server error comes with an error message that says Fail Server Return Error Code 500. It refers to the unexpected issues occurred in the remote server while processing your request.

Causes Of A Message Internal Server Error

  • Data integration issues with QBW file
  • Issues with QBW file

Resolution Of The Internal Server Error

Firstly, you need to Verify and Rebuild Data Utility tool to fix the Internal Server error in POS. Below, we have mentioned some of the important points that you need to ensure before going to the resolutions:

  • Open the Verify and Rebuild Data Utility tool where your original company file is saved.
  • A new backup file will be created by the tool. Save the file to your desired location.

Step 1: Running The Rebuild Data Utility

  • Click on the File menu
  • Click on Utilities and then select Rebuild data
  • You will be asked to save your POS company file
  • Click on OK
  • Once the process is finished, you will receive a message that your process is successfully completed.
  • Finally, click on OK

Step 2: Rebuild The Verify Data Utility Tool

  • Click on the File menu
  • From the drop-down list, click on Utilities and then select Rebuild data
  • If you get a message that says, “QuickBooks have detected no issues in your data”, then click on OK and continue working on your company file
  • If you get an error related to data, then follow the below steps:
    • Locate the QBWIN.lof or QuickBooks.log files
    • Click on the file and run the Verify Data Utility tool
    • Browse LVL_ERROR from the file and Copy and Paste it on the QuickBooks Help page
    • Find it out in the Data Damage Top LVL errors Library
    • Now, you will be able to resolve your issue

Reach Us For Support

Following the two mentioned solutions will help you in resolving the internal server error. However, if you still face the same error or you are having any doubts then you need to get the support for this error as soon as possible because this error not only affects your present work but it can also harm your software as well and it might create bigger issues in the future. You can contact the QuickBooks POS Tech Support Number to get instant support for your issues related to QuickBooks POS. Just call us at our toll free number +1-866-701-7446 for instant support.


Message Internal Server Error In QuickBooks POS With Ease

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