Sometimes, you can face several issues with your QuickBooks Payments account. In this article, we will provide you the steps to merge QuickBooks customer to resolve issue related to integrating with a QuickBooks payments account.

Important: You need to perform a data check in QuickBooks to make sure that there are no issues with your company file. You can use the Verify and Rebuild Data in QuickBooks Desktop to resolve data damage in QuickBooks Company File.

You may need to merge names in your Customer List if:

  • Customer(s) couldn’t be integrated appropriately with ReBill or into the Sync Manager.
  • Verify or Rebuild detect duplicate names.
  • A customer name is not mentioned in reports or transactions properly.
  • You want to reduce the number of names on your customer list and there are some customers in your list that you don’t use anymore.
  • If you are not able to process payments for your older payments but you can process payments for new customers. (This situation can arise when there is a damaged customer available in the Customer List. The issue can be resolved by merging old customer into the new one.

The following are the thing that you are not allowed to do when merging:

  • Undo a merge. Only few data went from one customer to other so it is very important that you create a backup of your QuickBooks company data file before trying to merge list elements.
  • Merge a job. Make sure to remove the job from customer first.
  • Merge a customer that has jobs.
  • Merge more than two names at a time.


  • Resort your lists and use the Rebuild Data Utility. Once done, merge customer names.
  • Always merge an old names into a new name ( i.e., change an old customer’s name to match the name of the new customer).

Merge the name of your QuickBooks customers

  • Create a New customer in QuickBooks that looks like the older one but there is a small difference in the customer that is having issue. (It should also not be exact similar to any existing customer in QuickBooks).
  • Close QuickBooks and open Sync Mgr Sync Now.
  • Run QuickBooks and make sure that the new customer is visible in the ReBill and create a recurring charge with same value as the customer that is having issues.
  • From QuickBooks, bring the old customer’s history into the new one by merging old customer to new customer. This can be done by renaming old Customer Name in QuickBooks and then matching the new customer name exactly. Once you are done, you will get a message “This name is already being used. Would you like to merge them?”. Click on Yes to complete the process. NOTE: Make sure that your don’t merge the New customer into the old one because that can lead to several other issues as well.
  • Now, close QuickBooks and open the Sync Mgr again to finish the process properly. The problem that you were facing in the older customer should now get resolved.
  • Perform the same steps for customers in which the issue is occurring.

NOTE: While running Sync Manager, it is suggested not to use QuickBooks and there should be no process related to QuickBooks. You can use the Task Manager to close all the QB processes. Once resolved, you should be able to manage your customers in QuickBooks.

Technical Support For QuickBooks

Following the steps provided in this article should be helpful for you in merging QuickBooks customers to resolve issues related to the integration with QuickBooks Payments and the customer should now be visible on ReBill. However, if the issue is still not being resolved then it might be possible that your company file is having some issues and you need to resolve it. If this is the case, you can contact us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1855-565-6250 to get instant QuickBooks support.

Merge QuickBooks Customers To Resolve Problems Integrating With QuickBooks Payments

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