Convert A QuickBooks Window File To QuickBooks For MAC

In the present days, manage the entire account transaction is not ease but the QuickBooks make it ease and you can perform better from your expectations. It is useful software which helps you to save the time and you get all the records of expenses and income. You can easily do the accounting tasks such as inventory, invoices, payroll, taxes, receipts, balance sheets, etc. Also one thing that so many users are not aware of is that QuickBooks provides you the option to transfer your database from PC to MAC securely. In case if you are looking for Enterprise support, then you can call us at our QuickBooks Enterprise Support Phone Number.

Windows PC To MAC QuickBooks Transfer Steps

  • Firstly, QuickBooks should be purchased and installed properly on your MAC system.
  • Window version on MAC cannot be installed directly. So, for this follow these steps.
    • Click on file menu
    • Select the utilities
    • Go ahead by choosing the ‘Copy file to QuickBooks for MAC’
  • Now, transfer the file or email it to your MAC system
  • Then, Open the file by using ‘QuickBooks for MAC’.
  • Once you are done with it, check out all your accounts, vendors, customer and inventory lists to get fully ensure that you have transfer all your data from PC to MAC successfully.

NOTE:  Users must be using QuickBooks 2007 or later version in order to transfer your database to MAC successfully. If you don’t have, then you must upgrade you QuickBooks before proceeding to import the window file.

Advantages Of Importing QuickBooks PC To MAC

  • Transferring QuickBooks from PC to MAC will improve the efficiency of your system and make it more capable so that you can work on your balance sheets without obstructions.
  • Your account will be more secure than before and it protects your data from any kind of malware infection.
  • It saves your time and data

Get Help Tech Support for PC To MAC QuickBooks Transfer

You are able to transfer you QuickBooks from PC to MAC with some easy steps that are mentioned above. But still if you need kind of assistance regarding the transferring of QuickBooks from PC to MAC you can call us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446.


How To Transfer QuickBooks From PC To MAC

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