With QuickBooks, you can easily print checks by just integrating the printer with the software. Printer plays an important role in your business works and QuickBooks comes with the feature in which you can print checks and other things directly from the software. The printer can be easily integrated with the QuickBooks program but sometimes you might also face some issues while printing. There can be some issues while reprinting the checks as sometimes QuickBooks won’t print the checks again. In this article, we will be assisting you for reprinting checks in QuickBooks.

There are several reasons why you need to reprint checks:

  • Last check got jammed and damaged in the printer
  • The check got misplaced
  • Paystubs need to be reprinted for your own logical reason.

How To Reprint Checks In QuickBooks

Printing a check for the first time is a lot more easier than reprinting it because when you print the check just after preparing it, the call to action is very much clear but once the check is printed, it directly go into the directory of QuickBooks. These checks can easily be reprinted by going into the directory path of QuickBooks.

We also fix other QuickBooks issues related to printer like QuickBooks Printer Not Activated Error Code 20QuickBooks Printer Library Error.

How To reprint Checks In QuickBooks?

  • Open the directory and then scroll down to find print check option
  • Click on Print Preview to view the check that you will be printing. You can also add more checks if you need.
  • Click on the Printer tab
  • All the selected checks will be printed. If any of the check wasn’t properly printed then select the particular checks and reprint them again.

How To reprint Paychecks In QuickBooks?

  • Go to the List tab from the top navigation panel
  • From the options, select COA
  • Select the payroll account and then click on the check that you want print.
  • Click on Print
  • Click on Save and then close the window.

You can also follow the below mentioned steps in case if the above steps didn’t worked:

  • Go to Employees option
  • Click on Edit Paychecks
  • Provide the Start and End date in the date range section.
  • Click on the Employee’s name whose paycheck needs to be reprinted
  • Double click on the paycheck
  • Click on the Print option
  • Click on OK

How To Reprint Multiple Checks In QuickBooks

  • Go to the Employee Center
  • Click on the Transaction option from the drop down list
  • Click on Paycheck option
  • Open the particular paycheck that needs to be printed.
  • Click on Print Later option
  • Click on Save and close the window.
  • Repeat the same steps for all the checks that you want to reprint
  • Go to the File menu and then click on Print forms from the drop down list
  • Select Paychecks option
  • Mark all the checks that you want to reprint
  • Click on Print
  • Click on OK and then close the window.

Connect With Us For Support

Printing checks in QuickBooks might be an easy process but reprinting then can be a hectic process for you because it requires a decent knowledge of QuickBooks software. If you are not able to reprint checks directly from QuickBooks then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1805-900-6410 toll-free.

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How To Reprint Checks In QuickBooks: Simple Steps To Perform The Process

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