How To Pay A Credit Card Bill in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a great accounting solution program that provides some of the best features to its users. One of them is to pay your bill within QuickBooks through different modes including check, bank transfer or through reconciliation. You can look for support in case if the QuickBooks is unable to verify the financial institution while paying the bill. All the transaction modes are important but you should know how to pay a credit card bill in QuickBooks.

Pay Bills Within QuickBooks By Creating A Transfer

If you want to transfer money to pay credit card bills the process becomes slight different. Follow the below mentioned steps in order to create a transfer entry within QuickBooks

  • Log in to QuickBooks and then click on the (+) option
  • From the drop-down list, select Transfer
  • Choose the bank account through which you want to make payments
  • Select the card you want to the transfer funds to
  • Enter the amount that needs to be transferred
  • Enter the date and then click on Save.

Pay When You Reconcile

  • From the QuickBooks dashboard, go to the settings tab.
  • Now from the drop-down list, select the reconcile tab
  • Select the card and enter the reconciliation statement
  • Locate the entry that is similar to your statement.
    • Make require correction if there is any incorrect entry
    • If everything is ok then supply the details to create one.
  • Match the entry and the balance should be seen as “0”
  • Mark the field and you will be redirected to another window. Supply the amount
  • Click on Finish and you will be able to pay credit card bills within QuickBooks easily.

Get Support For QuickBooks Issues

The process of paying credit card bills within QuickBooks using different mode is not very complex. Any user with basic knowledge of QuickBooks will be able to do it successfully. However, there can be some situations when you might face some issues while doing this process or you have mistakenly did something wrong which is creating issues in your banking transactions then you can contact the highly efficient support team of

The team is available 24×7 to assist you with any kind of issues regarding the QuickBooks software and its variants. You just need to dial their toll-free number +1-866-701-7446.


How To Pay Credit Card Bill In QuickBooks? Now Pay Using Check Or Bank Transfer

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