Estimates are very important when it comes to business dealing. It gives you a rough idea of how much your products will cost your client. Making an estimate is the initial part of the business deals. As it is a part of the business then it also obvious that the QuickBooks accounting has provided the feature of creating an invoice from an estimate.

Manually converting an estimate into invoice can be a hectic task but QuickBooks has made it easy and quick. QuickBooks allows you to create and mail invoice from an estimate directly within the program. In this article we will be providing you the steps to create an invoice from estimates.

How To Create Invoice From QuickBooks

  1. Activate Estimates: Initially, you have to activate the Estimate function in QuickBooks program. To do so, follow the below mentioned steps:
    • Click on Edit from the QuickBooks dashboard.
    • Now go to the Preferences tab
    • Click on the Jobs and Estimates If the option is not visible then look it into your left-hand side window pane
    • A confirmation message will appear. Click on Yes
    • Click on Yes for the Progress Invoicing option
    • Click on OK after the setup is completed.
  2. Go to the customer tab and from there, select Customers and Jobs
  3. Now select the project to which you linked your estimates.
  4. Double click on Show Your list of estimates will appear on the screen and you need to select the one from which the Invoice needs to created.
  5. Now click on Create Invoice option from the estimate window
  6. Now provide percentage at which you want to create invoice. Set it to 100% to reach out to the best value of estimate.
  7. If you are satisfied with the invoice then you can mark the To be printed box and then tap on the Print
  8. Save the invoice in case if you need it in future or if you want to create a new invoice then click on Save and new.

Having Doubts In Creating Estimates?

By following the above steps, you will be able to create invoice from estimates within the QuickBooks program. It helps you in cracking the deal with clients and it also saves you time that can be used on other things to grow your business. However, if you are facing any kind of issue while creating invoice from an estimate then you can get in touch with us at our QuickBooks support Phone Number +1-866-701-7446 toll-free.


How To Create An Invoice From An Estimate In QuickBooks

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