Intuit provides you the subscription based and data recovery plan that keeps your important data secure from malware, virus, ransomware, theft, fire or any other threat. You can easily take backup of your company files or all other important data files.

Note: Intuit Data Protect can only be used with QuickBooks Desktop 2011 or later version. However, you can separately backup the company file available in your system.

How To Use Intuit Data Protect?

  • Click on the Top Icon Bar under view menu
  • Run the Intuit Data Protection from the QuickBooks Desktop
  • Click on Active Now
  • Sign in into IDP by using appropriate credentials and then click on Continue
  • Now, you will be able to recover your data that you have previously backed up. You can move further if you don’t want to schedule backup
  • Click on Continue
  • Provide your Email address and you will receive all the notification about the backup via Intuit Data Protect.
  • Click on Continue
  • Once the process of data backup finishes, you will get a confirmation message, click on OK

By using the Intuit Data Protect, you can take backups of your company file any time. You can also schedule backups through IDP which can be helpful for you while streamlining the operations while having your data on secure servers. Click on Restore from Backup and then select the files that you want to restore. IDP save your company files in multiple versions so that you can restore files from different periods of time.

Reach Us For Support

Creating backup of your company files using the Intuit Data Protect is not a complex task but sometimes you may face some issues while doing the same. The issues can occur when you try to create backup but the QuickBooks files are either damaged or corrupt. In such cases, you can contact us by dialing our QuickBooks Technical Support Number +1850-308-2863 toll-free.


How to Create a Backup using Intuit Data Protect (IDP)

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