Do you want to add an EIN to existing QuickBooks Payroll subscription but you are not aware process then you have landed on the right page as this article will provide you the steps to add EIN in Payroll Basic, Standard or Enhanced subscription.

What Are The Limitations & Requirements To Add EIN?

These are requirements and limitations to add EIN in QuickBooks 2017 or earlier versions:

  • You have to enter the same registered copy of QuickBooks Desktop and the same system for processing payroll for every company on a single payroll subscription.
  • Only a single company data file is support per EIN by the QuickBooks Payroll. You may face some issues or errors if you try to use multiple company files in the same EIN and payroll subscription.
  • Contact information has to be same for every company that you are adding to a single subscription.
  • If you your employees through Direct Deposit then you can have more than one company with DD on the same DIY Payroll Subscription.
  • All the payroll services have a limit on the number of companies that you can add in a single subscription. These limits depend on company files and not number of employees.
  • If you have an Enhanced Payroll subscription for Accountants license owners then advise you not share your service keys to your clients.
Service Maximum Number of EINs
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic 3
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Standard 3
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced 3
QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced for


QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Assisted Each EIN is charged separately. Discounts apply for multiple companies

QuickBooks Desktop 2017 And Earlier: Add EIN To Your Subscription

Add EIN to your subscription (QuickBooks 2017 and earlier):

  • Open the QuickBooks
  • Go to Employees > Payroll > Use My Existing Payroll Service
  • From the Identify Subscription window, click on Use Subscription Number XXXXXXX [ Payroll Subscription Version ].

Important: If you don’t see your subscription in the list then you have to select Other: I have an existing subscription and a Zip Code and then enter your details.

  • Click on Next
  • From the Add Company Information window, click on Next in order to add the company EIN
  • Click on Print or Return to QuickBooks Desktop
  • Validate your payroll service key. To do so, follow the below steps:
    • Go to Employees > My Payroll Service > Manage Service Keys
    • Click on View to see the new service key with an Active Status.

Do You Want To Add a Company File?

If you purchased a subscription directly from Intuit before creating a QuickBooks Desktop company file then you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Get the service key of the EIN you are adding:
    • Utilize Intuit’s Automated Service Key/Disk Delivery key tool
    • When you enter the EIN, you will be provided a unique service key
  • Go to Employees > Payroll > Enter Payroll Service Keys
  • Click on Add and enter the service key as one number without any special characters.
  • In case if the service key is already entered in the company file then you need to click on Edit instead of Add and then enter the service key.
  • Click on Next and then click on Finish
  • This will download the Tax Table and the payroll functions will be activated in your QuickBooks Desktop company file.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Payroll

The above provided steps will allow you to add an EIN to existing Payroll Subscription. However, if are not able to do so then you can get in touch with the certified ProAdvisors of by dialing their toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1855-565-6250.

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How to Add An EIN To Existing QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Basic, Standard or Enhanced Subscription

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