In this article, we will be helping you in resolving common locked message that may occur while opening or working in your QuickBooks Company File. Click on OK to these messages and you will be able to work on QuickBooks.

  • The automatic entry of XXX is being skipped because (USER) is accessing them.
  • Only one user at a time is allowed to do XXX.
  • Sorry you cannot change this XXX now. (USER) is currently doing a task that uses that in this transaction.
  • Company File in use. Please wait.
  • Another QuickBooks user is currently performing a task which must finish before you can continue.

You can also try the following steps.

If the message is either ‘Waiting for company file’ or ‘Company File in Use – Please Wait’

These message basically refers to performance issues on your system because your system doesn’t match to the system requirements, network issues, database issues, conflicting programs, etc. You can refer to the following articles for help:

If the message is observed on several workstations

  • Check if multiple systems are hosting QuickBooks or not. Stop hosting on all workstations except the server.
    • Run QuickBooks and go File > Utilities.
      • If you see Stop Hosting Multi-User Access option, click on it and then select Yes to confirm.
      • If you see Host Multi-User Access option, leave it the way it is and go to next step.
    • Close QuickBooks.
    • Perform same steps on all the workstations to make sure none of them are hosting files.
    • Run QuickBooks and try to perform same process that you were performing and faced error. If you manage to do it properly, the error is resolved.
  • Stop and restart QuickBooks services on the server:
    • Login to server with administrator rights. Make sure QuickBooks is closed on all workstations.
    • Go to Start menu and choose Run.
    • Type msc in the search field and hit enter.
    • Choose QuickBooksDBXX from the Name Column and select Stop from upper-left corner. This will end all the user access to the company file.
      • QuickBooksDB30 = QuickBooks 2020
      • QuickBooksDB29 = QuickBooks 2019
      • QuickBooksDB28 = QuickBooks 2018
      • QuickBooksDB27 = QuickBooks 2017
    • Click on Start to assign permissions to access the company file again.
  • Use the clean install utility to reinstall QuickBooks.

If the message persists on only one workstation

If the message is coming on your screen only on a single workstation or the message is continuously occurring on a specific user:

  • Sign off the user shown in the message and run QuickBooks again.
  • Go to another workstation and choose Company > Users > View Users.
  • Make sure that the user mentioned in the message is logged off.
  • If you still see the referenced user logged on, see locked messages: Company File In Use, Feature in use, Another user doing XXX, or Transaction in use.
  • If the message reappears:
    • Go to the Company menu and choose Users > Set up Users and Roles.
    • Click on New from the Users and Roles window. Add a name to the User Name field. You can also add and confirm a password.
    • Choose a role from the Roles
    • Click on Add and then OK.
    • Click on Close if you don’t have to make more modifications to the Users and Roles
    • You can edit or modify role for the new user by following the steps mentioned below:
      • Choose the Role List tab from the Users and Roles window.
      • Choose a role from the Roles section and click on Edit.
      • Add or reassign permissions if required and then click on OK.
      • Click on Close from the Users and Roles window.
    • Sign out from QuickBooks and login back as the newly created user.
      • Check user’s access to make sure that it set up properly.
      • Make sure that the message is not occurring again.
    • Create and use a new Windows Administrator user.

Hopefully, you managed to resolve the Company File In Use, Feature In Use, Another User Doing XXX, Or Transaction In Use Errors easily. These are some common issues that can easily be resolved if you have a basic idea about the QuickBooks software. However, if you are not able to resolve these errors or you are having some doubts, you can connect with our technical support department by dialing our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1855-565-6250 and get your issues resolved.

Fix Company File In Use, Feature In Use, Another User Doing XXX, Or Transaction In Use Errors

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