While installing or updating the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions, you may have faced some errors that states:

Sorry, we need to verify your subscription before installing QuickBooks Desktop.

Sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to install QuickBooks Desktop.

We are sorry, it looks like you need a subscription to start using QuickBooks Desktop.

If you are on a network and the error is occurring on particular workstation then it might be possible that there are some issues with a Windows user. However, there can be various reasons due to which this subscription error is occurring while installing or updating the QuickBooks software. We’ve listed some of the most possible causes that can lead to that situation when you face these subscription based issues:

These are the possible causes due to which the error occurs. If you want to resolve these errors manually then we recommend you to read this article properly. This article will help you in resolving subscription based errors in the QuickBooks software.

If you are on QuickBooks 2016 version and trying to update it to the latest release and facing this subscription error then it is a serious concern for you because as you know that the QuickBooks 2016 version getting discontinued from May 31, 2019. It is important for all the users who are using the 2016 version to update the QuickBooks software to the latest release because after May 31st, you won’t be able to get any kind of support services or other add-on services from Intuit. For more information, you can contact the QuickBooks Upgrade Support 2019 by dialing the toll-free number +1800-567-0425.

How To Resolve The Error?

Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to resolve the Error: Sorry we need to verify your subscription before installing QuickBooks Desktop:

Solution 1: Reset Internet Explorer Settings

  • Run Internet Explorer.
  • Navigate to the Tools > Internet Options.

Note: If the menu bas is not visible then you can simply press the ALT key to the menu bar visible.

  • Go to the Advanced tab and then select Reset or Restore Defaults
  • Click on Apply & OK to save the changes.

Solution 2: Use QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

The QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool can resolve almost every issues related to the QuickBooks installation. This tool allows you to Microsoft.NET, MSXML, and C++ issues with just a single click. Perform the following steps in order to resolve the error using the QBInstall tool:

  • Navigate to the official website of Intuit.
  • Get the QB Install Tool for your system by clicking on this download link: https://dlm2.download.intuit.com/akdlm/SBD/QuickBooks/QBPDF/QuickBooksDesktopInstallDiagnosticTool.exe
  • Save the download file on desktop and then perform a clean installation of the tool
  • Use the task manager to end all the processes running in the background
  • Run the tool and start the scan.
  • Wait for the process to get finished and once you are done, restart your system
  • Try to install or update the QuickBooks software again to check if the error is resolved or not.

Solution 3: Manually Disable The Firewall And/or Antivirus Software

  • Disable your firewall and the antivirus software.
    • From the bottom right corner of your system locate the antivirus icon from the system tray.
    • Right-tap on the icon and click on Disable.

Note: There are some antivirus software that can’t be disabled. In such scenarios, you need to consult your manufacture to get further details about disabling the antivirus temporarily.

  • Try to install or update the QuickBooks Desktop again.

Solution 4: Create A New Windows Admin User

  • Create a Windows user and provide the admin rights to it.
  • Install or update QuickBooks again.

Solution 6: Install Certificates

Using Google Chrome:

  • Navigate to the link: https://ratable.qbdt.intuit.com
  • Click on padlock symbol from the address bar.
  • Click on View Certificates.
  • Go to the Certification Path tab and select the Symantec Class 3 Secure Server CA – G4
  • Click on View Certificate
  • Select Install Certificate and it will open the Import wizards. You need to follow the default options to import.
  • Once you get the message that says the import was successful, click on OK.
  • Close the certificate windows and try to install or update QuickBooks again.

Using Internet Explorer:

Note: Perform the on-screen prompts to complete the install and import process.

  • Open the Tools menu and then click on Internet Options.
  • Navigate to the Content tab and click on Certificates.
  • From the Intermediate Certification Authorities tab, click on Symantec Class 3 Server CA – G4.
  • Click on View Certificate and then Install.
  • Try to install or update QuickBooks again.

Follow The Steps Carefully or Contact Our ProAdvisors

Technical Support For QuickBooks Install And Update Issues

The provided process will allow you to resolve the Error: Sorry We Need To Verify Your Subscription Before Installing QuickBooks Desktop. However, if you keep on facing the same issue or you have any kind of doubt in any of the steps then you can get in touch with the toll-free QuickBooks Technical Support Phone Number +1800-567-0425 and get instant support for your QuickBooks issues.

Error: Sorry We Need To Verify Your Subscription Before Installing QuickBooks Desktop

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