Once you are done with setting up your Bank Feeds in QuickBooks then you will be able to download transactions from your bank. You can either use the Direct Connect or Web Connect to download the bank transactions. This article will provide you to process to download bank feed transactions are setting up your bank account.

This article is a part of article series that provides you all the essential information about Bank Feeds in QuickBooks Desktop.

  • Get started with Bank Feeds
  • Set up an account for Bank Feeds
  • Download Bank Feed transactions
  • Add and match Bank Feed transactions
  • Edit Bank Feed settings for bank or credit card accounts
  • Deactivate Bank Feeds for an account


  • You must take a backup of your QuickBooks Company file before downloading or importing any transaction.
  • You can’t download transactions into a single company file multiple times. The Financial Institution can download the transactions more than once and due to that QuickBooks may download them again. This depends on the bank and you need to contact your bank to know about it.
  • QuickBooks only supports Web Connect files to get imported.
  • QFX and QIF are not supported by QuickBooks because these are Quicken Files and you can’t import them in QuickBooks Desktop. However, you can still import these files into QuickBooks by using a third-party application.

Download transactions

Direct Connect

  • The transactions downloaded by you for the first time also contain the maximum number of transactions. You are required to match the transactions and then remove the duplicate ones
  • Direct Connect doesn’t come with the option of downloading transactions before bank statements.
  • You won’t be able to download the statements if you’ve deleted them once to avoid duplicate entries.

Follow the below-mentioned steps in order to download and send transactions via Direct Connect:

  • From the main menu, go to Banking > Bank Feeds > Banking Center
  • Select your account from the Bank Account list.
  • (Optional) You can modify or remove items by click on the drop-down from the Send items to your bank
  • Once you are ready to send or receive transactions, click on Download Transactions.

Note: If you have some existing downloads but you haven’t processed them then you have to click on Transaction List.

  • Click on Synchronize and then select Sync this account (if are connecting a particular account) or Sync all for this Bank (if you connecting all accounts for the same bank) for updating every incoming and outgoing transaction.
  • Enter your PIN or password in the Access to dialogue box
  • Click on OK.

Web Connect

  • Few banks come with an option to choose a transaction date range to download transactions. If your bank doesn’t provide you this option then you will get the maximum number of transactions that your bank permits for the first time you download which cab be 30, 60, 90 days, or more.
  • All the websites are unique in nature so if you don’t know how to access the QB Web Connect file then you have to open the bank’s website and then search QuickBooks there. If your bank provides services for QuickBooks then you will be provided information about accessing the .QBO files.

Ways to download transactions via Web Connect are:

Outside QuickBooks

  • Open an Internet browser and then go to your bank’s website.
  • Login to your account using the appropriate customer ID and PIN or password.
  • Download your transactions using QuickBooks Web Connect (.QBO) file.
  • Import those downloaded web connect (.qbo) files to QuickBooks Desktop.

Within QuickBooks

  • Open QuickBooks and access the bank’s website from QuickBooks.
  • Go to the Bank Feeds center and select your bank.
  • Click on Download Transactions.
  • It will open a QuickBooks browser window which will display bank’s website.
  • Log in to your account and download transactions.

Technical Support For QuickBooks Online Banking Issues

The provided process will allow you to download bank feed transactions easily. However, there can be instances when you face some issues during or after downloading transactions. For more info, you can visit: Fix OL and OLSU Bank Feeds Errors In QuickBooks Desktop.

If you are facing any kind of issue with online banking services of QuickBooks then feel free to get in touch with us at our toll-free QuickBooks Support Phone Number +1800-324-6955 to resolve all your QuickBooks issues on the go.

Download Bank Feed Transactions: How To Do So?

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